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  1. Would you recommend their kits to a fairly novice woodworker?
  2. As it is too hot for spraying a guitar body at my shop would it be possible to paint with acrylics?
  3. the reason i dont/cant add an adjustable rod is that the build needs to be finished faster than i can aquire one and plus i am weird and want to do this as an experiment mostly
  4. ive decided to add a 1/4" steel rectangle tube with a solid steel rod through it for reinforcement
  5. the neck will be bolt on so that if i ever decide to i can carve a channel in the back and add some CF reinforcements
  6. Classical / nylon strung guitars don't have a truss rod. Is this what you're building? its an electric but i started out on nylons and i wanted this to feel similar
  7. i think taking a large piece out of the neck and replacing it with metal makes the sound more metallic/tinny. keeping the wood imo keeps the tone and sounds more natural
  8. the neck is thick cuz i like them that way and i just think having no truss adds to the tone
  9. im used to a fairly high action so i should be ok?
  10. my neck is going to be a roughly 1.5" thick solid mahogany thats sat in a garage for 4-5 years in extremely varying temps with no warpage...would this stand up to light (8-48) strings?
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