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  1. Now I do! I finally recorded a short video of the thing. Sorry for the bad quality, could not plug it into an amp to record, it would have pissed off the neighbors... So it's all via my Vox Tonelab SE, then directly on the soundcard of my laptop. Hope you guys enjoy.
  2. Cool shape, in a funky Salvador Dali kind of way. Besides, is it just me or = ?
  3. ! That's a good looking guitar! I really like the headstock and inlay work. Great job and great thread.
  4. Great job, that distressed finish looks really cool.
  5. Well I'm really surprised and honored, really, seeing the quality and the beauty of the other guys' guitars, especially chops1983's ! Thanks!
  6. Tell her I didn't mean it. Seriously, be sure to post progress pics here! And thanks everyone for the kind words, it's appreciated, coming from you guys.
  7. Didn't think about that... Not a bad idea...
  8. Hello! This is a chambered body nylon string guitar. The body is from an old harmony bobcat from 1964. Build Thread: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=43783 Specs: 650mm scale lenght 22 frets Gold Evo fretwire 20 inch radius Ebony fretboard Gotoh gold and black tuners Rosewood bridge Bone nut and Tusq Saddle D-TAR Multi-source system (wavelength UST + condenser mic + 18v preamp) The top and neck are african mahogany from the local lumberyard. Finish is brushed on golden shellac for the top, and brushed on shellac with black pigments for the back and sides. Neck is finished with Danish oil
  9. I just removed some more material around the bridge area and deepened the cavities a bit more. I wanted the "top" to "vibrate" and move some air as much as it could. Hey and thanks for the comments everyone. I might just try GOTM...
  10. (Yeah, I'll put on some new screws with real bushings in the near future) I love it! Plays really good and sounds impressive. Needs a little bit of tweaking still to get a really even response from all the strings on the piezo. If you have any questions, please go ahead!
  11. Hey! Thanks, and feel free to use my design! It'd be an honor to inspire others, having myself been inspired so much around here.
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