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  1. Ash Cairbre . So specs are, bookmatched ash top on a chambered ash back with a walnut veneer between. a 5-piece Maple and walnut neck and a wenga fretboard. Gotoh tuners, Gotoh bridge, Seymour Duncan pups ,a Pearly Gates in the neck and a custom 5 in the bridge. Both are coil tapped from the tone. 25 1/2 scale, 6105 frets, bone nut, 500K CTS pots and Mallory 150 series .047mfd tone capacitors, all wrapped up in Melamine lacquer to allow the tone to shine through.
  2. We do indeedy Scott , we had a pretty good summer but I'd say that's it for this year .
  3. Cheers Scott , I like to leave the neck heel a little meaty and have clear distinction between neck and body. I use to blend them together but I like how it looks and feels this way but knowing me that will probable change again sometime soon .
  4. Stuck this one in GOTM contest this month .....
  5. Balor. Body ... One piece yew on Sapele . Neck.... Sapele and maple and a maple fretboard with yew binding . Pups.... MHD . Home-wrecker . Bridge.. Wilkinson . Tuners.. Grover . Inlays... Abalone . Finish... Shellac . Link
  6. No if anything it's more out of the way because it's at the back of the guitar .
  7. And build 3. Going for a multiscale on this one me thinks....
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