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  1. The Monroe 3 Body ... Spalted Beech on Sapele . Neck.... Sapele with bubinga and maple veneers and a bubinga fretboard with flame maple binding . Pups.... S-Duncan J.B bridge and a P-Rail Neck. Bridge.. Wilkinson Tuners.. Wilkinson Inlays... MOP and Abalone. Lacquer finish . And here a vid of the amazing James Mulvaney give her the once over.
  2. Cairbre Body ... Sycamore on Sapele . Neck.... Rose wood and maple with a birdeye maple fingerboard and flame maple binding . Pups.... Di Marzio Paf pro ,positions 2 and 4 are wired in parallel ( inside and outside coils ). Bridge.. Ibanez Edge. Tuners.. Wilkinson Inlays... MOP and Abalone. Ep Mega switch cts 500k pot. Lacquer finish .
  3. Body Spalted beach top and back with an chambered ash core . Neck sapele and maple with a babinga fretboard and flame maple binding. Inlays are abalone and MOP Scale is 23 3/4 with a 12" radius bone nut kent Armstrong pups CTS pots with a custom has sounds tone pot. Schaller bridge. Grover tuners. Link
  4. Another great month guys but shad peters - Avenger for me class build.
  5. Cheers guys ! Ya spot on Prostheta 0-5 is just yer regular tone then 5-10 is a mid boost ,sounds pretty cool with the P90's.
  6. And onto the fun bit. (Oops... No pic's of the sanding and buffing) Lots of shielding paint. Schaller Bridge and Kent Armstrong pups. Custom tone pot from has sounds. Bone nut I noched the nut to fit the binding ,looks nice me thinks...
  7. And so on to the part we all love so much.......... And after 4 days of lacquering sit back and wait 4 weeks for it to cure.
  8. And after I don't know how many coats and colours. Time to start thinking hardware .
  9. 4mm mop dot with 2mm abalone insert. Colour time. Ah ya get the idea....
  10. Again not enough pic's but here some of the neck . Bubinga and flame maple fret board. Book matched head stock veneer.
  11. Same as all my builds ,I only realize now that I need to take more pic's.....
  12. Named after the pop and cultural icon as well as the quintessential American sex symbol.This curvy little lass is called de Monroe. I have this build completed so I,ll post pic's with descriptions.Please feel free to ask questions or add your opinion ,after all were all friends ... First off the top and back are spalted beech .The core is ash that's being chamber out using a band-saw.
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