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  1. #2 all clamped up #2 cut out dat marbled endgrain
  2. Some more updates. All glueing (minus fretboard, neck, and headstock caps) should be done this weekend, and then after this work week I can start on the subtraction stage of these builds. Mahogany glueing up #2's neck all planned out Mock up of #1 with its top #2's neck is glueing up #2's ash core is glueing together. I changed the center line (less jointing work) so the body will be the inside outline. I also added a flamed ash veneer under the fretboard for #1, to add a touch of class and it'll work well with the flamed maple stringers. Debating doing it to the neck for #2 as well.
  3. I have done it thrice. Just plan your post holes, center line between them, then expand in each direction however big you want the recess to be. Then, clamps 2 boards on the exterior of your line with 2 stop blocks and route with a template bit.
  4. It's about time I start building guitars again, and what better way then to start the summer off with not one, but two builds! The body is my original shape inspired by superstrats/Chris Brodericks signature. 2 builds, and specs are as follows. Remember to check out my facebook page as well, as I will be uploading all the pictures I take onto there, and only post some of them here. #1 Specifications Body Shape - SRS6 Hardware Color - Gold Neck Construction - Set Neck Wood - 5 Piece - Wenge/Flamed Maple/Wenge/Flamed Maple/Wenge Fretboard - Rosewood Scale Length - 25.5" (Fender Scale)
  5. snapped a quick pic before school. 2 hours of quick steel wool and then buffed with the course compound, and dry fitted everything. I may have a group of people to show it to on thursday so I thought I'd quickly put together. Broke a strap buttom screw and one of the knobs trying to put it together and lost a washer for the tuner so a vol. pot washer has to do. Left horn also needs to be redesigned and thinned out. Any tips on cleaning the fret board? It's poly or oil that seeped through the fret ends/under the masking tape. I guess superglueing the fret ends will become a necessity from now o
  6. Ha ha ha what are you building cutting boards? Try 34 mm to 31 mm in the center (even slimmer on the carve sides). D: Be careful! I only have 2mm of wiggle room in my current strat. Wouldnt be a problem with a toggle switch and a hardtail, but always check out how deep you need your hardware to go. There's only 2mm between my trem post and the route for the trem claw :/ I also recessed the trem plate, which I may stop doing for this reason.
  7. Unfortunately not, since I'll be putting a neck humbucker in this one. I was thinking a slanted single coil would be nice but I do not have one on hand, or the funds to go and buy one. Aaand another 12 hours later Body planed, cut, routed, hollowed, and planned out the electronics. Top panels planed, jointed, glued, planed, cut out, and routed to size. Body is now drying overnight and I might put an F hole in it....not sure. Neck fretted, tuners drilled + recessed, and started the carve. I still have to do the side dots. I was thinking glue+ash dust or something. I'm out
  8. That's a clean looking 5 way slot. How'd ya do it? Dremel+fence?
  9. I think there's more players, wheras here it's all luthiers. I guess on one hand their all too busy building and managing their threads to pay attention to the other new guys. I need to start selling things as well, so I hate to say Im motivated by money but passion won't pay rent by itself. I guess since Im posting there anyways, I'll copy it over to here as well. [yada yada yada] So here we are, I just started this yesterday. I would like to have it construction wise, all done by the weekend. Yes, that means that after april(when school done) I can build a guitar with a turnaround time
  10. It's not just the buying aspect, it's that I actually get comments over there. Hate to sound like im looking for attention, but it is a pain for me to upload to photobucket, attach them all here, annotate, and then have no comments for weeks on it. I'm all for learning and sharing, but that takes comments to do. On that note, I just changed the inlay game forever. No more headlights, flashlights, or weird positions to see what your doing! I swapped from mahogany to acrylic plexiglass to hold my dremel. I can see everything, and got some of the cleanest routes I've ever had.
  11. Sorry guys, I'm gonna have to call this a dead thread. I'm working on a prototype and will be focusing mostly on the sevenstring.com forums and try to get some orders. I'll check on here once in a while and add the link to that thread if any of you are interested. The community is much more alive over there.
  12. Sorry, I've been very busy finishing up school and working on my website...if someone reminds me I might actually post them (photobucket is kinda a PITA compared to just using imgur)! My bad...the weathers also been reallly bad over here.
  13. Once I get to school tomorrow I can upload the pics. Tenorbird is done and was picked up saturday, he's all good with it. It'd be cool if I could get an order for spring break but if not I guess I just have to work on my 2 builds.....
  14. I think I found your guitar pick! I must say, I'm jealous of your lack of snow and lamination ideas. Any technique behind it or just "well I have some maple...and some padauk....oh look there's mahogany too! *Clamp!* We have -15C here and about a foot of the good canadian stuff waiting to melt. I should try my hand at a V again....my first attempt was one and what a mess that was. Freehanded routing! What a crazy 14 year old I was.
  15. Really? Im finishing my first wenge soon and find that strange. Wouldn't it be flat after sanding it?
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