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  1. The Kimberly Ann Model was the only one I used "fender" stuff in it was the first guitar I tried putting together That one was for myself. Not my favorite due to the fact that I used the fender stuff in it. I don't normally care for logoed stuff I have found a lot better sounding electronics and hardware since that build. I have been using custom hand wired harnesses and pickups from a small company i found. So I have been using his pickups and wiring harneses since.
  2. OK Found My dream guitar..... Your Punisher, I am a V man myself, Owned a 1970 Gibson V, kick myself everyday for selling it.
  3. By the Way love your Hand of Doom SG....... Freaking outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah I notice that the pawn shops over value things, I have a pretty good relationship with the local guy around here we're both vets and member of the VFW and American Legion so I can negotiate down to a reasonable price. I did the same thing to a Starcaster strat, one of my buddies was giving me **** for owning a fender star caster, then I had him stop by the house and let him play it...... He's been after me for the last 3 months trying to get me to sell it......Not gonna happen this one is a keeper......
  5. Just wondering everyones feelings on what I have dubbed "Sleeper" guitars. I am working on one right now, I buy cheap guitars, like the KTone Hollowbody Les Paul Guitar I found on ebay for $150.00 brand new. Couldn't even play the thing when it arrived. So what I am planning on doing is stripping the electronics and hardware out of it and replace everything with high quality parts. Keep it looking pretty much the way it did at the beginning but hot rod the hell out of it. I was thinking about starting a line of guitars called 'Stalker Sleepers" and just start hitting the pawn shops and ebay and snatch up a bunch of these types of guitars and do the same thing. As long as the body and neck are workable I think it would work. Just like owning a ratty looking car and packing a 454 under the hood, then smoking the tires and leaving the corvette in your dust......... I have asked a few of my buddies who play and they thought it was a good idea so I think I will persue this line, wont list them as new but "customized".
  6. Thats a good idea....Yeah just havent attempted the necks yet, seemed pretty daunting but after watching the tutorials I don't think it will take long.....I have just built for family and friends. I have seven Children and I have built them all a guitar of their choice from scratch not the kits. To help get things ironed out, I am working on three more for a few buddies of mine, these ones I am going to make the necks from scratch also........A freind of mine who taught me how to do the set up , neck, intonation and such used to work as a Luthier with Martin Guitars. He retired up here in Northern Wisconsin. That is my normal go to guy for stuff but glad to have found this site to widen my horizon. He is more of an Acoustic guitar build guy.......He has taught me alot over the past couple years. Hoping to get set up in my shop by next summer to start building acoustics. Living this far north sucks I have turned my 2 1/2 car garage into my workshop but I still need to get it insulated and heated. Thanks again for the input, always looking for advice from those who have been there.
  7. I was just looking through the tutorials and found some on neck building which will be a great help....Glad I found this site...
  8. When I build Prototypes I normally just use a kit to speed up the process and get my idea out then once I have it the way I want it I build them from scratch. Well all except the necks... Haven't mastered that yet.......Once I get my shop completed next spring gonna get to learning how to build the necks from scratch. Checked out your site... WOW beautiful work.....
  9. I do this all the time I buy cheap guitars like the KTone hollowbody Les Paul I bought I strip all the inferior electronics and hardware off of them. I keep that stuff to build cigarbox guitars with. The I dump quality electronics and hardware into it and do a good setup on the neck. I have three more that I have done this to grabbing junk guitars our of pawn shops as long as it is a decent body you can turn it into a sweet "sleeper" as I call them. I took a Fender Star Caster and stripped everything, dumped tex mex pickups, fender wiring harness and all the genuine fender hardware and plays and sounds just like a Fender Strat now. I left the Star Caster logo on the headstock to add to the sleeper style. As a Matter of fact I am starting a new line of guitars that does just the "Stalker Custom Sleepers"
  10. I would go with the binding, don't think I would want to mess with the beauty of that wood. Maybe do a little MOP inlay on it in a spot or two just to spice it up a bit.
  11. I am also just on the verge of starting my own shop building custom guitars. Hoping to be completely up and running this coming spring. I build Bass, Acoustic, Electric and Cigarbox Guitars.... Here is my facebook site if anyone is interested. I am in the process right now of designing some stock models for people to check out. I have the "Kimberly Ann" which is a '72 Thinline, I used all genuine Fender electronics and hardware on the guitar. The front is Candy Apple Red and the back is Pearl White, with a blue MOP boarder between the two colors. The second Guitar model I have dubbed the "Hendrix Special", this one is a standard Tele, (Hendrix did play Teles) with a custom paint job done by my Youngest Daughter, I sprayed the base coat and she did the graphic work on the front. I used Fender locking tuning pegs, Fender tele bridge, Then I loaded it with OnlyMusic.coms repro Blues Tribute Pickups, and an OnlyMusic.com '52 - '54 Repro wiring harness. (including reproduction capacitors) And the third proto is the "Mexican Black Pearl" Every thing blacked out with black pearl pickguard, Hip Shot Locking tuning pegs, a gloss black neck (including the finger board) I loaded this one with OnlyMusic.com Lone Star Pickups and a Repro Stevie Ray Vaughan wiring harness of his #1 Guitar. Go to my Face book site to check them out and to my actual website that is under construction,,,,,,, I am working on a Hollowbody Les Paul right now and haven't totally figured this one out yet..... https://www.facebook.com/StalkerCustomGuitars?ref=hl http://stalkercustomguitars.wix.com/guitarshop
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