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  1. Here are the rest. Getting everything polished up. Installing Hardware. And this happend!!! The drill bit broke off when drilling strap button. There was no way of getting it out. I was able to drill right next to the bit and used rubber/plastic plumbing washer to hide it. Here it is with everything on it. It sounds great coming through my 71 Fender Vibro Champ. The next few days or week I will take some really nice pictures and share them. Thanks everyone!!
  2. Hey Guys I am back with another update on this build. I am Done!!!! It came out better then I thought and plays very well to for my 2nd guitar. I am going to make another one using the same shape, but different woods. I think I can crank one out within a couple of months. Here are some of the pictures. See I made an oppsie, but was able to cover it up wit control plate. Epoxy Resin is not the easiest to use as a finish Fitting and wiring the controls. That is my helping hands jig I made for $10 vs StewMac's $180 jig. Truss Rod cover Getting the Oil
  3. Thanks Mistermikev!! When I started this build a couple of years ago there was no posts on YouTube or interwebs on pencil guitars. The few turning pencils into bowls videos I could find one guy super glued each one together then covered with resin. My thought at the time is that might just work to make a drop top. Well it did!!
  4. Thanks Scott!!! I am too looking forward to seeing it finished!
  5. Thanks! Do you mean the pencil? I seen some videos on YouTube on turning colored pencils and loved the look. I thought that would look cool as a top. Working with the pencils has been a challenge but been able to overcome those challenges with a really cool result.
  6. Hey Guys Hope everyone has been doing well. I have been chugging along. Here is my progress. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  7. I got a little more done. Cut the fretboard on the band saw and planed it all up on my favorite new tool!! The 13 inch dewalt planer is amazing!! I only had it for a couple of months now. I also got the truss rod channel routed out. I still have a little more clean up to do.
  8. Thanks guys!! I have the angle marked out and think it is correct. I drew it up using crimson guitars neck break angle method. I did a practice run on the truss rod. What do you all think before I do it on the neck?
  9. Also what is the best way to cut the neck break angle on a neck through?
  10. Thanks it is purple heart. The body and fretboard will also be purple hart. The top will be colored pencils. I have the blank ready and here it is.
  11. Hey guys Its been a long time since I posted on this forum. I have been working on this build off and on for the past 2 years and have not made much progress. Been busy with life, work , family, getting my first Harley, My wife finishing 2 Masters degrees, and so on. The past 2 years been working on a new hotel and that just opened. Here is the site. https://www.blackberrymountain.com/ My work has exploded in the beer world pick some up. Here is the brewery site. https://blackberryfarmbrewery.com/ Back to the build! I have had my ups and downs with this and not going t
  12. Hey guys it's been a while!! I am going to try and start posting more on beer and builds!! Hope everyone has been good. Here is what I am drinking tonight. I stopped at my work's tap room and picked up some Blackberry Farm Brewery Screening Bock. It is really good!!! If anyone comes across BFB beer in there area definitely pick some up!!
  13. Lets Make some sawdust!!! Cutting the Maple Brazilian Ebony for the fretboard. Purple Hart Testing it out. Center is Black walnut, next flame maple, followed with the purple hart, and maple again. I am going to have to go to a friends shop to have it all planned. That is all I have gotten done today. Hope I can get everything planned this coming week and glued next weekend. Cheers!!
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