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  1. Just after reading the first two paragraphs of this response, I knew who the author was without even seeing the closing signature. And I had no idea He frequented this forum. I'm greatful for your input Perry, because I have followed you closely for a while now. I listen to you on the Luthierist podcast with Sully and I've heard all the great advice you've given for new people just getting into the business. I've also seen pictures of the car you drive so I know your doing something right. Ha -Ha I've heard the stories that both you and Sully have shared about your early days in business and h
  2. Being a guitar player for fourty years and a part time luthier for the past twenty. And I'm talking about just doing set ups and repairs for friends and family as well as a little word of mouth work sent from the local music stores. (Most of which no longer exist due to the larger store chains and the internet). I guess that I have always planned on having a little music based business for myself when I retired. I thought about opening a small shop and maybe doing some guitar work and lessons and then sell some gear and accessories. We'll that was the plan but recently in the last couple year
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