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  1. thats wierd. Sounds like maybe some reaction between the dye and the coating. What kind of stain/dye did you use?
  2. Have these competitions been discontinued? There's been no movement here since the poll closed, nor a February GOTM thread started...
  3. The stuff stinks and is sticky as hell, but it's awesome. Easily creates the perfect surface on the most porous wood. your tele body looks great
  4. Thank you one can always hope, but the competition is pretty stiff. Just glad for the chance to compete
  5. Hi!

    Your "Ferrari" Flying-v is a gorgeous guitar and its a winner no matter what the outcome of the GOTM contest :)

    1. scorpionscar


      Thank you so much Skyjerk, your guitar is really beautiful too, really love the design and expecially the top effect!!!

  6. The Root Beer Float OK, its a stupid name, but I dont have a better one yet and my band mate threw that name out as soon as I brought it to rehearsal 2 weeks ago. The colors do have that vibe, especially in lower light settings. In brighter light (like most of these pix) its more orange looking Model: 22 Magnum Scale length: 25" Radius: 12" Construction: neck-through-body, 3-piece laminate neck, carbon fiber reinforcement Body and neck: Bolivian mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) Top and matching headstock: book-matched, quilted big leaf maple Binding: natural (faux binding) Fretboard: Brazilian Rosewood Truss rod cover: ebony with MOP inlay logo Inlays: mother-of-pearl and abalone Frets: medium jumbo stainless steel Nut: unbleached bone Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB bridge and 59 neck Tuners: Schaller locking 3x3 Bridge and tailpiece: Tonepros Control cavity cover: Indian Rosewood with magnetic fasteners Finish: Nitrocellulose lacquer Guts: CTS 500k pots and Sprague "orange drop" .047 cap HERE is the build thread
  7. I was the token vote for the bloody hand It just looks like Tim Burton to me and I had to vote for it At first I was like "What the...?" then as I looked closer I saw how much work went into this and how original it is.
  8. Exactly In my experience, the value of having a lot of movement in the figure is so you can sit there with it in your hands turning it back and forth and saying "whoa! thats totally cool!" From a practical perspective, having some eye popping figure that maybe doesnt move quite as much while going "Whoa" is better because, for one thing, still photo's dont move at all regardless, and people standing more than 4 feet away watching you play arent going to see any movement either. In both cases they will see that eye popping figure and contrast and possibly be amazed and awed even though they wont see movement. Dont get me wrong, I like that movement. A lot. But its not the only consideration when building a guitar that may hopefully gain you some attention as a builder
  9. Its definitely more muted, but not killed
  10. Im waiting for the weekend to get some of those exact pix it was cloudy all last weekend, and the sun is too low and too red when I get home from work.
  11. You voted for a guitar thats competing with your own entry? You're allowed to vote for you own entry I believe
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