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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know hot to do this out-standing look guitar. the first one seems to be a combination of dying and natural, but the second one is like the spalted maple were inlayed into the flame maple. Any ideas?? Scorpionscar
  2. Thank you so much ADF, a really useful and instructive vídeo. Scorpionscar
  3. Hi, I'm working on a Les Paul style guitar and want to make a faux binding taking advantage of the maple. The task here is how to achieve a perfect line, expecially in the upper surface, about 1.6 mm thick. I want to tint amber and them a cherry red burst. Any ideas will be wellcome. Other doubts are: - Do I need to to do the finish after or before glueing the neck to the body _ What do you think is best, leveling/crowning after or before glueing neck-body? Thanks in advance. Scorpionscar
  4. Today I glued the fingerboard to the neck. Due to the issue with the fingerboard, I pointed out that I wouldn't be easy to attach it to the neck, so I glued first four pieces of maple to the neck in order to help to put in place the fingerboard properly with no error. After applying the glue to both surfaces, I placed the fingerboard and counter the bow with two clamps, them I used tape for fixing the fingerboard firmly to the neck, removed the two clamps and put a radioused block that covers the whole fingerboard and applied strenght. I think I could save the fingerboard and the project, but
  5. Thank you so much for your explanation. Very useful in future projects. By now, I'll try to save this one and the worst of all, How I'll take in place in order to glue it to the neck. When te project is finished, I'll post the whole process. Scorpionscar
  6. Thank you so much for your answer ScottR, is important hearing this from you as an experienced guitar builder that you are. I almost always use ebony for my fingerboards, but it's true that normally I glue it to the neck first, this prevent this effect, however is more difficult to place the frets in the slots with the arbor press due to the neck angle, the heel etc... What do you think is better, fretting the fingerboard before or after attaching it to the neck? Thanks in advance. P.D Can I glue the fingerboard to the neck or should I throw it away? Scorpionscar
  7. This is a pic of the effect. Really don't understand what happened. I've done this a lot of times with no problems. Filed the barbs, caus was impossible to fit the tang into the slot, instead, the tang entered too fit and due to this, the fingerboard bent. Scorpionscar
  8. Thanks for your answer! I know this tool, but don`t have in my shop, I have to order in USA (I'm from Spain) and with the COVID-19 maybe it will take a long time to receive it...I'll try to file the barbs... During this last mounths I've been disconnected from the world in general and have no enter the forum. Thank you for your words mistermikev!!! Scorpionscar
  9. Everything is right, deep, no dust or rests of binding titebond...The problem is that the fret tang does not fit the slot. I'm doing exactly like other times and nothing odd, this time is a real nightmare... Scorpionscar
  10. Hi guys, I usually install frets onces I've glued the fingerboard to the neck, In is occasion I've decided to do before glueing it. Is an ebony fretboard with maple binding. I did the slots with stew mac japanesse saw as always and use the same fretwire. The task is that usually hammer the ends of the fret and after that Is finish the installation with my arbor press. I was surprised because is impossible to insert then into the slot, If hammer the fret gets deformed and the when enter the slot, the fretboard tends to bend. I don't know how to solve this problem, and the cause it appeared
  11. Hi, I have a friend of mine electric guitar HSS with SPC, 5 way switch and 1 tone, 1 volume. The electronics is EMG solderless, the humbucker is a 85 but he wants to change it for a 89 (dual with the possibility of switch between humbucker or single). The tone control has a push pull with the SPC (strat presence control). The idea is to change the volume pot for another push pull one in order to select between single or humbucker. Does anyone think it is possible and any idea about how to do it? Thanks in advance!!! Accoding to the EMG instructions, the 89 has 3 conectors and goes to the
  12. Hi, I have in the shop a style guitar 345 with varitone. The task is that I'm not acquainted with this electronic. There are two green wires coming from the inside of the guitar and the task here is how to test in order verify where this two wires go in the lugs of the baritone or pots. Any help is wellcome. Thanks in advance!!! Scorpionscar
  13. Here in Spain there are a lot of builders who has lots of orders. The main problem is to secure your brand and musicians rely on your work. This is a very slow process and Internet is essential, however as you comment, the conversion is very little, is neccesary to reach much people to have 1 order. What most suitable has worked for me is sell guitars to musicians near, and others have seen the way I work and wanted me to do more orders, but I liked to have a decent level of orders through Internet. The target would be almost 8-10 guitars/year. I earn money with mainteinance, settings, paintin
  14. I'm in the same concern as you Prostheta, I'm quality control technician, and I'm always in my workshop, my free time is spent in luthery. I really really liked to start a bussines about electric guitar building full time. I think that the point here is Internet, is essential to focus on it and show the instruments: Here In Spain a custom build can reach 3000€ easily and there are thousands of potential customers musicians and professional guitarrists who are willing to pay this amount of money, the challenge is how the hell to get people know your work and end up in your website... I wan
  15. scorpionscar

    December 2019

    Very happy and proud for the win, but expecially for being a member of this amazing community where I'm always learning things about guitar building. Is a honour for me have discovered this site some years ago. Thank you to everybody and I wish a full of good things new year. Scorpionscar
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