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  1. Sorry, but these terms are a little vague to me. What exactly do you mean by the leads touching the ground? Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I have no experience with wiring and uh....I guess I am ignorant. But this might be the actual problem, so thanks for the help. I have a thought . I made my first guitar with a Gibson style three way switch. It came with no instructions as to how to wire it. On the switch there are three prongs that extend out, the top are double prongs. I did not know that I had to split the two double prongs on top, connect the two inside prongs together
  2. Thanks so much. I was thinking of the three pole switch but I really want to tap the coils individually, so I'll go with your puh-pull in each position. Another question: can you tell me what type of pots to use? The Li'l Killer pickups are very hot. 500K?
  3. Well, I intend to hot rod a Squier Japan Strat. I'm uprading everything and refinishing the body. I am going to put GFS Li'l Killers in the place of the stock pickups and want to know if someone can show me or point me to a drawing of wiring each pickup to be split. I thought I would be able to use push-pull pots on all the tone/volume knobs, one for each. Can anyone help?
  4. I am noe xpert but I once had a Tom Anderson Drop Top, that was stolen from me. The top was quilt maple and the body was basswood. Both were dyed "deep ocean blue" and the top and back both looked great, if this is any help.
  5. I have sprayed my MIJ squier body with Rustoleum multi purpose enamel. It looks beautiful, but I think it is too soft for a final finish. I intend to spray Rustoleum clear nitro laquer over this and buff that to a high polish. Does anyone see a problem with this? Oh and by the way, I waited a week to finish my first nitro cellulose finish, as per Melvin Hiscocks advice, and oh my god, the finish is still moving and stressing around pots and bridge etc. I will wait at least 8 weeks before finishing this one. I know I cannot hold a candle to the pros, but am I crazy thinking "what the
  6. Ah that's much different! I've always liked the look (and feel) of set necks too, but I've recently really started to like the bolt-on/insert look. Like this. In terms of aesthetics, you get the best of both worlds, I think. The main issue I can see with the conversion is that the bolt on necks might not be tight enough in the pocket--but obviously if you rebuild and reroute the pocket, that won't be a problem. Mickguard---thank you for your input. That is a beautiful bolt on neck to body joint. I am in awe. Back to the neck. I have, now that I think about it, a very good
  7. I appreciate your thoughts. I will, thanks to you, take the heel into account and not shave it, but add a heel to the neck conversion that will resemble an SG neck.
  8. Actually. I own two Gibson's, an ES335 and a gold top Les Paul. I just wanted to make the stretch for a learning experience. Having had a Tom Anderson (stolen from me) a G& L, two fender strats and one tele, I know how stable the bolt ons are. This would be for a: pure aesthetics, b: For the woodworking and problem solving learning experience. I am going to Zemaitis type pearl front it too, just for the experience. I know the base guitar is not very good, but the neck is awesome and I could use some help purely from an educational standpoint.
  9. [quote name='LGM Guitars' post='14203' date='Jul 13 2003, 01:23 PM'] Ok, there have been a lot of paint and polishing questions asked recently, so I thought I'd do a brief description of the polishing process, first here is a list of what I use for polishing. Stew mac Polishing compounds #1, 2, 3, and 4 (coarse, medium, fine, extra fine) Micro cut sandpaper 2000 grit (unless my spray job sucked then I start with 1200, 1500, and then 2000) Stew mac foam buffing pad and electric drill (soon I will have a nice big buffing wheel in the new shop though) x4 One for each compound Water Ivor
  10. Has anyone ever tried to convert a standard bolt on assembly to a set neck? If so I could use any advice that you have. I am frankensteinig an epeihone les paul junior and making my friend a slide only guitar. I would love to have a set neck for this.
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