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  1. I have sprayed my MIJ squier body with Rustoleum multi purpose enamel. It looks beautiful, but I think it is too soft for a final finish. I intend to spray Rustoleum clear nitro laquer over this and buff that to a high polish. Does anyone see a problem with this? Oh and by the way, I waited a week to finish my first nitro cellulose finish, as per Melvin Hiscocks advice, and oh my god, the finish is still moving and stressing around pots and bridge etc. I will wait at least 8 weeks before finishing this one. I know I cannot hold a candle to the pros, but am I crazy thinking "what the
  2. Ah that's much different! I've always liked the look (and feel) of set necks too, but I've recently really started to like the bolt-on/insert look. Like this. In terms of aesthetics, you get the best of both worlds, I think. The main issue I can see with the conversion is that the bolt on necks might not be tight enough in the pocket--but obviously if you rebuild and reroute the pocket, that won't be a problem. Mickguard---thank you for your input. That is a beautiful bolt on neck to body joint. I am in awe. Back to the neck. I have, now that I think about it, a very good
  3. I appreciate your thoughts. I will, thanks to you, take the heel into account and not shave it, but add a heel to the neck conversion that will resemble an SG neck.
  4. Actually. I own two Gibson's, an ES335 and a gold top Les Paul. I just wanted to make the stretch for a learning experience. Having had a Tom Anderson (stolen from me) a G& L, two fender strats and one tele, I know how stable the bolt ons are. This would be for a: pure aesthetics, b: For the woodworking and problem solving learning experience. I am going to Zemaitis type pearl front it too, just for the experience. I know the base guitar is not very good, but the neck is awesome and I could use some help purely from an educational standpoint.
  5. [quote name='LGM Guitars' post='14203' date='Jul 13 2003, 01:23 PM'] Ok, there have been a lot of paint and polishing questions asked recently, so I thought I'd do a brief description of the polishing process, first here is a list of what I use for polishing. Stew mac Polishing compounds #1, 2, 3, and 4 (coarse, medium, fine, extra fine) Micro cut sandpaper 2000 grit (unless my spray job sucked then I start with 1200, 1500, and then 2000) Stew mac foam buffing pad and electric drill (soon I will have a nice big buffing wheel in the new shop though) x4 One for each compound W
  6. Has anyone ever tried to convert a standard bolt on assembly to a set neck? If so I could use any advice that you have. I am frankensteinig an epeihone les paul junior and making my friend a slide only guitar. I would love to have a set neck for this.
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