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  1. What guitar tuner would you suggest? I'm thinking from a workshop point of view, not a player point of view. I'm looking to get a good tuner to have at my workstation when I'm finishing up my work, not some clip-on type thing.. :D Thanks!
  2. Not the best pictures unfortunately, but, better than nothing I guess? I'm very happy to say that the new truss rod slid in place far easier than I expected. Needed a little bit of persuasion on the final like inch or so, but in general it was piece of cake, and I'm totally happy with that!
  3. I got it out! I removed the 'center' part of the shelf that the lock nut sits on so I could get a bit closer to the truss rod. Then I drilled a small hole in the top 'beam' thingy, and screwed a wood screw in there. Then I could grip the screw with a pliers and used a small hammer to carefully move the rod out of the hole. When it butted up against the end lip of the cavity I cut away the brass block. Then I could unscrew the top 'beam' from the back brass block and remove it easily, and the bottom one and the brass block came out relatively easily as well. Not something I want to do again, but.. it's doable. I'm going to have to do a little bit of paint touch up on the headstock, but it's gonna be a breeze compared to what I would have to do if I had removed the fretboard... Now, I need to insert a new one back in the slot.....
  4. Thanks! It's indeed a dual action rod. Flat bottom channel, there should be no glue on the rod (unless I was very unlucky when gluing it up, but hey, clearly I'm not a lucky person. Thanks again for the input, I'm going to see if anyone else will chime in before I decide on what I'm going to do. I appreciate the info about heating and prying off the fretboard!
  5. I'm in a bit of a predicament. The nut of my truss rod broke. I was adjusting it and figured that I had to be going the wrong way, loosened the nut (it seemed to me to loosen just fine), and as I was about to tighten it the other way, the nut broke off. YAAAY!! Anyway, see the pictures. I have a neck that's painted up to the sides of the fretboard, so I need to get the rod out without taking the fretboard off. Does anyone have a clever trick for me? I have been able to reach the rod with a pair of ground down needle nose pliers, but I'm not able to fully grasp and pull on it. I've been thinking about possibly drilling a small hole in the bottom screw on the truss rod, and perhaps be able to jam a screw in that hole and pull it out that way, but I want to hear another couple of options before I go and do something stupid.. Thanks, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Thanks Scott. It's a 2k clear. (I had a car painter friend help me out with the finish). I have some 2k clear at home, and I was thinking that I could keep using that exacto and cut off the piece of the clear that I cut open, and then drop fill it with the 2k clear.. It's between the floyd and the humbucker, and it's not like super visible, so I'm hoping that will do the trick..
  7. Exactly what happened. Exacto in my hand, and... Well, I cut a deep'ish gash into my finish. I also later made another careless mistake. I'm beyond frustrated at myself, but, hey, they are there, and I have to deal with them. So, anyone have any input on how I should go about fixing these mistakes? I have some ideas, but it would be great to hear what the experts have to say! First picture is where I cut it with the exacto. Second picture is a small nick from a drill bit. Thank you so much!
  8. I'm building a guitar with a painted neck, and I'm worried about the transition between the neck and fretboard. I've done it (read: failed at it) a couple times before and had a fairly substantial ridge running along the neck where the masking tape was. This time I'm thinking about doing the base color, and throw on one coat of clear, and then remove the masking, gently sand the ridge, then mask only the front face of the fretboard and then clear the neck. Does anyone have any input on this? How do the 'pro's' do it? Any input would be much appreciated!
  9. Hey. I bought a couple 81c's to have have around in need when budget wasn't that kind to me. I never received any wiring diagram or their 'basic wiring instructions' so I have nothing but a guess as to what the wires from the pup are. I made a picture and I was hoping that some kind soul could confirm for me if I'm on the right track here, or help me out if I'm totally at a loss. Thank you!
  10. Hi.. I'm wondering how to takle this. When I'm lacquering a neck, I mask off the fretboard and when I'm done, peel the tape off, and the lacquer has left a ridge along the fretboard because of it's thickness. How do you guys tackle that? Do you spray the entire side of the fretboard? If that's the case, how do you then do the side dot markers? I've been considering leaving some side dot material sticking out, and then spray primer and color, and then cut the side dots down, sand them flush with the fretboard and clear.. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Looking forward to checking this one out. Love the body shape, not too keen on the headstock, but that's just my personal preference.. Good luck with it!
  12. I'll have a go at your suggestion tomorrow, getting close to modnight here now. I'm a bit surprised that I have problems witht tho, the pot was working fine 'last round' when I had problems with the Jack output, which is working fine now it seems. I don't have a working multimeter at the moment, but I'm planning to get one asap..
  13. Been hooking this up now, and still some stuff puzzles me. I have switched tip and ring connections, so the Jack output seems to be working just fine now. The volume however does not work.. There is a difference between say '10' and '6'. Volume is louder at '10' but from '6' and down nothing happens.. meaning that the volume pot doesn't cut the volume fully. I have no idea why this happens, it seems to me that my solders are pretty okay. I'm far from good with the soldering iron, but totally crappy I'm not.. Curtisa, thank you very very much for your advice!! Any input again would be greatly appreciated!!
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