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  1. Did not have much time besides school and other projects, so I just managed to drill some holes on the 7 string body... this is it besides that, I´m planning on making my own bridge line in the near future. Baseplate should be stainless steel and saddles will be most certainly made of aircraft grade aluminium. I´ve got made one headless bridge all of this aluminium and the sound of that was out of this world
  2. Looks great, I´ve made a 51P-ish bass some time ago and it´s a nice growler. Alder body, maple/rosewood neck, Lollar pickup and simple electronics
  3. Don´t worry, I´m not a fan of thick lacquer... I´ll just sand it to finer grit and spray a few light thinner coats of clear and that is it. Same on the mahogany back, just top will have slightly thicker coat of lacquer because I´m probably going to use tinted lacquer which has to have sealer under and clear over it
  4. hey guys, finally I´ve managed to work on the 7 string... today I shaped roughly the neck profile I love that wenge more and more every time I work with it... only I wish I don´t have to wear a mask when sanding it. I love the smell but it burns in my nose also I was considering on the finish on that neck... oil is probably the best way, but have you finished wenge with nitro? I mean just 2-3 coats of clear on it, leaving the grain open
  5. The "maple" I use is european Acer Pseudoplatanus.. we call it here the "mountain maple". This one is the mostly used, not ony for instrument making but also furniture making. The hard maple /you use/ is, or should be, Acer Macrophyllum or Saccharum /big leaf or sugar maple/.. and it´s the same family of Acer. Of course everything depends on weather conditions - ocean winds vs. mountain winds and so much more on my 2 cents.. 10 years of wood oriented schools left marks on my brain
  6. well, I don´t think it´s softer I use canadian hard maple pretty often and it´s just the same... sometimes I have feeling that our sycamore is even harder. Of course I haven´t used all the maple in the world or tested it
  7. HUGE discovery I´ve made today for your better understanding, the top on the 7 string build is actually Sycamore. While browsing through internet I´ve found that you guys call our maple /acer pseudoplatanus/ with this name. I just can´t find reason why actually my figured maple comes from a violin-maker/friend of mine, so I guess it´s the highest grade of maple you can find here sorry... sycamore
  8. thanks I was amazed with how it came out.. it´s black aniline dye alcohol soluble dissolved in maybe 40/60 alcohol/thinner mix, straight into the nitro lacquer
  9. and the telly is all done and in customers lucky hands final specs: swamp ash 1 piece, hard maple neck with birdseye maple fingerboard, Gotoh tuners and bridge in gold, RM pickups /czech made/
  10. progress: wetsanding with P1200, then P2000 and 2500 where needed, polishing, assembly and handing over to a hopefully satisfied customer meanwhile I went yesterday a bit crazy with cutoffs and made this speakerbox for my cheapo plastic computer speakers It´s made of bookmatched walnut sides and bookmatched flamed maple front/back. Can´t wait to hear it compared to the old plastic box
  11. and take number two: looks much better than the previous one, I just need to soften the edge burst a bit. This one won´t have any pickguard, so it must be perfect
  12. telly got it´s color coat today, unfortunately tomorrow it goes back down because of my poor choice of spray equipment. I´ve bought recently a new HVLP gun with 0.8mm nozzle and it´s a great gun, but it has small spread for this kind of job...
  13. I´ve used hard ash cutoff to protect frets while hammering them down, but then I had to replace my old fret saw and current one makes more narrow slot. That´s why I need more POWER! Long story short - I simply have to invest in basic tools, but currently I invest in a new heater, insulation, etc....
  14. the frets got hammered in... I really don´t like this method because I don´t have good fretting hammer, just a regular steel hammer which damages frets a lot. My by far the most favorite method is sideways installation, but this can not be used on bound fretboards
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