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Tailcutter 7 string RG

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I have a few more, but it's late now, and school begins tomorrow for my son, so gotta go for tonight...

I hope to upload tomorrow..


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Hi everyone!

I have a few minutes today for a quick update.

Didn't have time to waste last few months, so again I wasn't concentrated on taking pics much, so I'll just put up a finished guitar.

I like this one a lot, it's so easy to play on it, it's effortless. It doesn't seem them most ergonomic guitar, but the design really impressed me with how it rests while in sitting position.

The woods used are, ash for body, and maple/wenge for neck/fingerboard. Orange ABS for inlays and binding, vinyl decals on body and headstock underneath 2k matte poly. Seymour Duncan Blackout on bridge, extra jumbo frets, Grover tuners.

This one took me 2 months, start to finish, so I guess I'm improving :D

So, here it is, sorry again for the lack of progress photos. Will try better next time..






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Photo quality

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If you guys think I should upload better res photos, just say... I hate to waste others space, so I always lower the quality for faster download, but I think it shouldn't be that much of a problem anymore for most users? I see now they are really poor in a browser... 

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It's not so much about download speed for most people these days. Disk space on our cloud service is a bit tight, but go for it. Trying to work that one out without it costing us too much.

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