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fact finding for build - should I buy a blank or...

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i have no planer and no jointer and not even a table saw.  Just a router and some other stuff.  I do have experience cutting two pieces of solid surface to match using the front/back side of a router bit.  I've heard of others using that method to join two halves of a guitar body.

I'm going to go visit some local lumber yards but wanted to ask: what is the liklihood of finding wood that has been planed well?  Is this a recipe for disaster?  Should I just buy a body blank?  I'm confident I can make a joint that will work, but my whole plan would be caput if after that I was working on a surface that was less than flat.

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Look up some of the router sleds around here. It is basically a set of parallel rails that support your router at support your router at a consistent height over your workpiece, so you can mill a flat surface into it.


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