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  1. Thats a great looking shape! Did you use a template or did you draw it out freehand and cut it out?
  2. Yo Scottie! Ive been dying ot go fishing. I havnt gone in almost 7 months, and that is probably the longest ive gone in the past 10 years. Its pure torture! I dont have any free days right now and its killing me.
  3. Just thought i would check in. LIfe has been super busy still. I have experienced a lot of emotionally taxing things the past 6 months. I really havent felt like building. All of these projects are still sitting in my garage. Hope you are all doing well!
  4. A couple more EXP projects. Ziricote and a cool colored quilted maple.
  5. Some of those bodies ive had for like a year that i never got around to. I also still have enough wood to make that many more, if i ever got around to it.
  6. The ziricote was originally 1 5/8" thick. I had to take it down to about 1 1/8" thick. It weighs a ton Scott, but i havent officially weighed it yet. Thanks everybody! Since i have to build less, i tried focusing on making the builds i do have time for the best i can.
  7. There actually isnt any stain on it at all right now.
  8. Thanks! Yes, it is ziricote. It is quilted maple.
  9. Building one day a week is a challenge. Im finding ways to make it happen though! Here are some projects currently in the works.
  10. Master has returned!!! I always wanted to see what that bubinga rhoads turned out like. And it didnt disappoint!
  11. Thanks man! I got it all sanded and ready for finish.
  12. Thanks scott. The black one was pretty awesome. I still cant help but wonder how good it would have looked under green though. Before the busy season, ive been able to use up some of the wood ive had for years. Knocked these out in a couple of days.
  13. Got a few done over the past few weeks. Happy thanksgiving!
  14. Ive tried with 3 different cameras. Only 1 is a dslr. I dont remember off hand what lens it has on it. I was never good with DSLRs.
  15. Thanks! its been a long time since i did that with a real flame top. Here is a picture after its been buffed. This one is weird. Its actually the most 3d looking grain ive ever created, but yet, i cant capture it in natural light.
  16. Thanks guys. Ive had this ss7 for so many months already. I finally spent a day sanding it and getting some finish on it. Green is really hard to photograph.
  17. Thanks guys! Here are a few more pics of the details.
  18. so i didnt have a day off at all last week. I finally had today off and i got a lot done.
  19. Ive been slacking on this project so much. Its in the final stages but still cant get it finished off. Been super busy at work.
  20. So this guitar ive had to the finishing stages for over 6 months. It was the last custom order i ever took, and this is the longest any guitar has ever taken me, period. It took so long i had to give it to the buyer for almost half price A shame, it turned out nice. The finish isnt as flawless as it looks in the pic.
  21. The explorer? That one is veneer. The rest on that page are real tops.
  22. Thanks. Im not sure which one you are referring to.
  23. So after taking a little over a month off from building, I attempted to work on some things. I picked up right where i left off, if not worse. Every single thing i touched i made a mistake on. I ruined a lot of wood and a few bodies. Hats off to you guys, who can work a full time job and still build quality guitars. I definitely cant do both.
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