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  1. That is a good looking first build. Your run in with the misplaced bridge pickup cavity is why i always tell people that the best order of operations is to rout the neck pocket, then drill for your bridge, then pickups. That insures proper placement and alignment.
  2. Been a while, is there a section for video tutorials specifically?
  3. yeah i can do that. I actually think i originally learned from a tutorial on here that might not be here anymore.
  4. Its been a while since i last checked in. Hope you are all safe! Ive taken on way too much work. 12 hour days every day to catch up.
  5. I shouldnt say there isnt a tensioner at all, but a non adjustable tensioner. It only has 1 setting, loose, or tight. and it isnt very tight. I ended up grinding the platen flat. its a pain but it will work for now.
  6. going to talk to grizzly monday. The platens are graphite, and checking them, they arent even close to flat. Off by almost 1/4" over the 31" length
  7. so a little rant I had always wanted an edge sander. I always thought that since they are platen back and flat, that they would produce a flat edge on anything. So i spent almost a thousand on a grizzly one, hoping to make my dream come true. Got it in yesterday and assembled it. Ive never been so disappointed. It doesnt sand flat in any way. or square. there is no tension adjustment, and the belt has a little give when you push a workpiece against it. I had really wanted it to rough out a radius, flatten small pieces for gluing like scarfs and a ton of other things. Absolutely none of which it will work for. Worst 1000 i have ever spent and i cant return it.
  8. Especially when you dye the grain a shade of the top coat! Black kills the dancing factor. But a darker shade of the top, insane!
  9. Scotty! Thank you! I think we are each others biggest fans. That purple one is something else. It is basically chameleon. In low light its straight purple/ violet. In the sun, it pops to the color in the pics. I appreciate that. I do have a confirmed project for you though, if you have time That first neck is roasted maple. Its just how it looks, i didnt do anything to it! Ive perfected the transition line between the top and the side. Makes it look so crisp!
  10. Scotty! That is pure insanity! I cant believe you get such a crazy good finish on the curves and in the tight spots. Immaculate!
  11. Thanks Carl. That green one came out exactly like i hoped. For some reason everybody always roasts me about using green. That dime headstock build was a disaster in communication. Speaking of which, i do owe you some money for the time you put into it at the time
  12. Here is an entirely new batch of guitars. I sure pick the dang hardest builds to make.
  13. For the record, if you are repainting a solid color, definitely dont ever strip the whole thing to wood, for the exact reasons you ran into. You can buy high solids primer that will fill those scratches better. Also, dont sand to 2000 before you clear coat
  14. Thank you everybody! I still run into a few kinks occasionally, but thankfully ive been in the zone!
  15. Thanks guys. I may be in a strange state where i am consumed by this. Been working 10 hour days on these non stop for over 2 months. Here are a few updated pics. The green one got to its new owner and he loves it. Waiting to ship out the blue one this next week.
  16. I have a bunch of maple tops for sale. flame quilt, burl. All different sizes and prices. All under 100$ each though. Message me for specific measurements and prices.
  17. Set a goal today to work on only one guitar. got it mostly done! Worked around 9 hours on it today. Radiused the fretboard, fretted, carved the neck, sealed the spalt, routed all cavities, drilled side dots, glued in the neck.
  18. Hope everybody is doing well during all this craziness. Here is a cool thing that happened in the past couple days. Normally my green guitars get a lot of roasting. But somehow this one had the most reach and views ive ever had on my business page. over 14,000!
  19. That is such a great piece of burl. How thick was it to start with? Crazy how every application of dye, that piece looks completely different!
  20. Seems like everybody loves the blue one... I hated it at first haha. But thats what the buyer wanted! I also took the plunge and bought a new resaw sized bandsaw. Went with a grizzly 17". Got it set up today. Works great! Here is the first top i resawed with it.
  21. Lizardburst SS! This one really popped.
  22. Awesome. thats the main reason i use it. The wipe back leaves it so clean on the grain you would sand back anyway.
  23. The walnut one was one of a kind for sure. I didnt get final pics of it before i sent it out.
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