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  1. Made this quick diagram if anyone's interested: Tested it and it works well. Has quite a wide range on either control. Works with single coils or humbuckers, though the impedance is a little more ideal for single coils.
  2. Save me some 4th toe shavings for grinding up and sprinkling in the neck pocket of my guitars with, will you? Let this thread serve as a reminder to us all not to leave stumps out in the sun too long or they'll turn into bears and eat your children.
  3. I think you may have discovered some sort of new tone wood secret here. In 20 years all the best luthieres in the world will be making guitars out of bear toes. Looking great though. Will he be finished? If so, how?
  4. Pregnant with sweet sweet tone.
  5. Designing and implemeting the electronics. I like figuring out what sounds I want and building a circuit for it. Choosing pickups is a bitch though, but I try to stay clear of the common combinations and choose something interesting without losing my mind over it. Other than that the entire design process is fun. I can't say I really enjoyed the actual building, but I might have if we had the tools to do it properly. Btw if any of you guys need a wiring harness done, schematics that you can't find anywhere else, or ideas for control layout I'd be happy to do it. It's those rosin fumes, they're addicting.
  6. I've soldered to aluminum tape before. The problem is that the back isn't conductive, so you'd have to joint the pieces.
  7. I voted for low end fuzz because I liked the bass the best aside from dayvo's LP and I knew the LP was going to get most of the votes. The lacewood on the headstock should have been on front though, since all of the other lacewood was on front and all of the other lamination was on the back. I wanted to vote for Mitch but the headstock and control layout put me off. It could have used some dye, too. Also, Avenger deserves an honorable mention for the finish on that doublecut.
  8. The easiest way is to stand with the guitar in playing position with your speaker cabinet behind you and to your left, play like you're really getting into it, then go in for a solo up on the high frets and turn sharply to your left and bend your knees a little. The neck should come clean off if you did it right.
  9. You're a guitar-making machine, John.
  10. Not orange enough, that's actually a decent color =P
  11. Avenger has successfully begun work on the first guitar that will actually DECREASE your chances of getting laid.
  12. If you use a blend pot, you have to change your pot values to make the impedance right. I believe you'd have to use 250k blend/500k volume/500k tone for single coils and 500k blend/1Meg volume/1Meg tone for humbuckers. That would bring you into the neighborhood of what your pickups want to see(139k on single coils as opposed to the usual 125k, 278k on the humbuckers as opposed to the normal 250k). That's probably not even a noticable difference. Even doubling the impedance with single coils has only a very slight effect. 1 blend, 1 volume, and 1 tone would probably prove the most useful. Use the volume to set your level relative to the amp, then use the blend to select pickups and tone to take away any extra treble. Use a separate tone for each pickup if you want, I'm assuming you only want 3 knobs though. If you don't need a tone control(ie you always leave it on 10), use 250k blend/250k volume for single coils and 500k blend/500k volume for humbuckers.
  13. Best build ever. I'll be lucky if I ever make anything half as awesome in my entire life.
  14. Hmm, it would make a good cap for a Les paul or similar carved-top. Maybe convince people to stop using that damned flamed-maple top.
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