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  1. wow, i don't think i could do it, no matter what i played it wouldn't feel like enough, conveying a feeling is one thing but i'd feel like i had to convey a life BTW i never knew he was doing such proffesional work props to you Matia
  2. lol there's an idea, imagine an intense neon flashing sig that made ya feel sick bet they wouldn't have til the end of the month
  3. cmon you really assume it's relevant to the thread? at a glance you'll know. they make sense in that it's a little thing called 'fun' , it's just a little personalisation, why are you still complaining? you know they'll all be gone soon
  4. thanks jer! i'm sure you just saved me some grief, i'm going out to get about 7 cans today
  5. ya awesome link!!! i just got a few off it, even had paranoid android!!!!
  6. yeah i know maiden, i wasn't talking in anyway about the comps just about meanings of words
  7. the builders with less experience usually don't have a business therefor go in the amateur section considering him to be professional is like considering him to be a stapler ie. he's not he's good enough to be a professional if he wanted though....
  8. for the last time drak is not a pro, he does pro quality work but doesn't sell it therefor not pro, 'amateur' has nothing to do with quality, just means you don't make money off it
  9. though i dislike the design of the vine... in time ...not made of pine... in a line.... the paintjob and difficulty of the inlay does it for me so i'm voting lgm that earth shape isn't my thing but the natural wood looks great so it was a close one for me though you didn't need to mention it's ruggedness and great balance, it's not an ad
  10. hi i'm vince,locale=Tas,australia no building experience slight modding/refinishing experience played for 6 or 7 yrs ...
  11. nice work as usual jer(whether it's tuts, guitars, bikes, planes....lol) you'd probably be better off making a new topic for this no, that's the general idea with refinishing... could you elaborate? you might want to make a seperate topic too
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