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  1. You mentioned that it'd need tweaking whenever something changes in the signal path. To me, it feels like it'd really be a good idea to implement several "settable" presets. Of course, these could be used both for having several different "sustainer based" effects, or for having one effect but different settings for use with different pups. How you'd implement that electrically I don't really know though... And it's kind of difficult to say much about what controls I'd want when I don't know how it feels to play around with it. About mounting the sustainer-thingy at the bridge or somewhere else, I wouldn't really be bothered (I'd get the thing if I wanted it, regardless of it's demands for position), but I guess it's easier to keep it clean looking if it's near the bridge, especially on rear routed guitars. So I think it's worth some time exploring the bridge positions. I personally wouldn't be concerned right now, since all my guitars are black (and black cables should match neatly), but if you've got a nice flamed maple top with an oil finnish, it'll be difficult to have the cable(s) there without them being noticed. Keep it up!
  2. 28 pages. That's twice as long as when I started following this thread. First, I read through the 14 pages that had already written, and since then I've been following it (keeping an extra browser window open at all times and reading any updates as soon as I see them). It's pretty interesting, and it's awfully nice to see the progress made! Keep it up psw!!!
  3. I've been following this thread, but I can't remember this has been asked, so I'll ask. Approximately how much do the components you put into one driver cost?
  4. Don't trick people into learning pi incorrectly (don't know if that was your intention, but anyways ). It's 3.1415926536897932384626 and more, but that's all I remember right now. About selling your idea, psw, would it perhaps be worth a try turning to Bill Lawrence? He's not a "major company", but still a big enough name to get it out there. My guess is he'd treat you and us better than a major company would.
  5. Uhm, I've got four questions. 1. Alex, what are the depths of the different areas on the original floyd drawing? 2. And what's the distance from the "mounting screws" (or whatever you might call them in english) to the edges of the section that meaures 93 across? 3. What units are these? Millimeters, right? 4. What about the spring cavity? Anyone has any measurements for that one? Sorry about asking a bunch of questions, but I'm going to have to rout this stuff into my first homemade guitar on monday (tomorrow) and I don't have the exact measurements yet.
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