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Entry for September 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


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  1. It's not. When I said 'gigantor' in the GOTM entry thread I was refering to the size of the build pictorial (number of pictures, etc.), not the violin itself, which I just call 'violin'. I'd also like to thank everyone who has voted for me, looks like I may finally win a GOTM!
  2. It took me 8 months to the day, but I finally finished it! Here is my gigantor, 800+ photo pictorial of it being built, showing EVERY detail, even my screw-ups! http://s11.invisionfree.com/Stringed_Instr...owtopic=16&st=0 Here is a link to the finished photos: http://www.hobbyluthier2.8m.com/violin1.html Here are direct links to each picture: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v784.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v785.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v786.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v787.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v788.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v789.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v790.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v791.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v792.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v793.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v794.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v795.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v796.jpg http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin/v797.jpg
  3. A bass, an acoustic, a semi-hollow, a cigar box, a solid body, and a mondolin - one of the most diverse months ever, you guys ROCK! It was a toss up between the mandolin and the acoustic, but I had to give my vote to the mandolin.
  4. But Brian won't be updating the main website until Dec 1 anyways, so it should just be left open. TGwaH makes a good point, too.
  5. Yeah, where did that come from? Great job to everyone! The bass got my vote!
  6. Those are neat, but I would hate to have to setup the thing everytime I switch tools, especially if I'm going back and forth between two.
  7. This is cool. I've been pondering making an ornate, custom case for my latest instrument. I wouldn't see a problem with the foam as it's covered by the lining. Actually, I bet ya dovetails would be stronger, but harded to do without those special jigs.
  8. There are definately some first class instruments being produced by people on this site. I'm amazed....had to vote for the bass thought, great job Phil!
  9. The only wood I've ever had issues with was Cocobolo. It stings my nose after awhile, however, I love working with it, particularly on the lathe making pens. Another wood I once had was Ipe. An extremely dense, stiff wood I thought would make good neck laminations, however, when I read on the net it causes dermatitis, some kind of skin reaction, it went in the trash. It's interesting to read some of my favorite woods like Mahogany and Pau Ferro could cause reactions.
  10. Some people seem to be missing the link, so here it is again: New Guitar Building Tools Page
  11. Ditto on the MDF workability. It's awesome stuff for templates. You must have used old, water damaged rotting stuff.
  12. THIS THREAD has some very good points as to why YOU NEED A TRUSS ROD.
  13. Only if my 'ukulele does! It ain't a geetar, but its has strings, so what the heck! This is a 'ukulele that was commissioned by a member of The Langley Ukulele Ensemble in April 2003. It was modeled directly from the main instruments the group plays, which are built by a guy in mid-western Canada. For the soundboard, back, and three side sections I used Flamed Hawaiian Koa that I got from a contact at Larrivee Guitars for REAL cheap. The internal neck block is Mahogany, but the tail & corner blocks are Spanish Cedar, as well as the kerfed linings, and Western Red Cedar was used for the bridge plate, cross brace & cleats (smells nice inside). I gave the back edges of the sides a slight curve all around, so the back is gently arched for stability. I bound the body and corners in Indian Rosewood. The neck is a three piece laminate of grain-matched-for-symmetry Mahogany with a thin Indian Rosewood center strip, topped off with a matching Flamed Koa headplate. The fingerboard & bridge are streaky Pau Ferro, and the fingerboard is inlayed with Pau Shell dots. Nut and saddle are bone. Geared 'ukulele tuners and three coats of polimerized oil finish it off. Took me 28days to build. The young lady who commissioned the instrument has since left the group, though. (Brian, if this has no place in GOTM, just let me know)
  14. make sure you order fret wire with a matching "real thin" tang P.S. A coping saw is probably not a good idea. ← I've actually used a coping saw to slot a board. It worked okay, the guitar turned out fine, but I wouldn't recommend it, the blades are too flimsy.
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