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  1. Hi guys, I made a video of how I made a guitar neck rest. If you like it, please consider signing up to my new Youtube channel. Thanks, Araz
  2. Started this project in late 2006 and have been working on it on/off since then. I now have some time on my hands to finally finish this guitar. Although I'm happy with the progress so far... I need to fix a problem before moving on. As you can see in the image of the back side, while carving a curve, I went a little too deep and came face-to-face with a cavity! It's not very big but the area is very weak and needs to be filled... You can see the other photos here: http://projectelectr...rogress-status/ There's also a close-up of the problem hole.
  3. I laughed out loud at that because I've almost done that same thing many times. Working with three dimensional objects can trick your brain sometimes. Well! I'm glad I'm providing some entertainment for everyone. It is pretty funny though. Just so stupid of me
  4. Yeah, it's pretty funny... Cause it's such a stupid mistake. Thing is, I only realized my mistake AFTER I put the neck in the body pocket and I was like "what the hell?!?" You're right it was easy to fix.
  5. Don't feel too bad... Here's one from me... Can you see the mistake?
  6. Check out the link in this post neck pocket jig It's not a tutorial on how to make a set neck but should be enough to get you started. Araz
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