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  1. Thanks Brian, this helps a lot. I guess you would say that non perpendicular axis would significantly alter the neck geometry. I like the fulcrum ridge idea a lot. Seems logical.
  2. yes, i guess the only way to find out is to try it out. However, microtilt is actually nothing but a fancy way of shimming. I guess someone had to try this at some point in history.
  3. Contoured neck heel as on Music Man Silhouette, sans the plate (and the fifth bolt). Micro tilt as in fender micro tilt, four bolts version. I'm thinking about issues that could arise with combination of the two. Will the non perpendicular placement of the two front bolts completely mess up the fretboard - strings geometry? Any thoughts?
  4. had trouble deciding between mattharris and shad... however, twiggy got it this time. Cheers!
  5. Very nice guitar. Make some better pics for the GOTM,
  6. Perhaps, but I still prefer "awesome build DUDE!" to +1 Like. Words do say much more.
  7. I would bet that would be tool wear. Tonewood is a term coined during late eighties. hehe, futile effort.
  8. I highly recommend carving the back, It makes the guitar extremely comfortable. Use an angle grinder, and enjoy the ride. On the other hand, if you've chambered the body, that limits your options. You can check out how I did it here, or visit crimson guitars, there are videos of back carving...
  9. Bukoffsky Guitars NUTCRACKER A take on p90 jazz/blues guitar. Intended for wide range of guitarwork, from jazz rhythm comping to blues and rock soloing. Handwound pickups. Dummy Coil. Carved Walnut top Obeche body Ash neck Indian Rosewood Fingerboard Fender Scale Gotoh Tuners Gotoh TOM and Stoptail Handwound p90 pickups Dummy coil (humbucking) Three way switch, 80% coil tap Varitone switch >>>> More pics and VIDEO >>>>>More pics and VIDEO .
  10. Very cool design. Even the inlay, although I would prefer it in one color.
  11. Even though I am not so fond of flamed tops, Redbird makes it for me... I guess that all the brass/steel - Art Deco hardware finally justified the "jewelry box" look of things made of highly figured wood. Tonewood porn most of the time goes TOO far for my taste. Hats down for choosing THAT bridge to complement all the hardware. Otherwise I hate how it looks. And also a hint> I've only decided to vote for Red after a jump to full top view. Details are nice, but the whole guitar view is better. Also Loved Phantom Mando V for originality.
  12. anyway, the guitar looks fantastic... good work!
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