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  1. Sorry, I'm a lil bit paranoid with that lately...
  2. I see the 1st and 6th strings too close to the edge of the fretboard, I had the same problem in one of my builds, still playable but a couple of mm more makes the difference. Great work BTW, I love your guitars.
  3. I like very much the shape of this guitar, and the back carving is stunning... can't wait to see the whole thing. Why did you mask the neck? Is it going to have a different finish? How do you manage the transition?
  4. I've seen so many different ways to do that... I guess you can take the process in the order you feel more comfortable. My way to do the fretboard: - Slot - Taper - Bind - Glue - Flush neck sides to fretboard - Radius - Polish - Frets
  5. I'm missing the knots in that "pine"... looks great, whatever it is.
  6. Thanks guys!... yeah, looks like there was an issue with the site's database yesterday, cause some of our posts are missing.
  7. Hi there, as promised, here are some shots of the (almost) finished instrument. I still need to do the fretjob but I wanted to check if everything was in place. BTW, I had to recess the bridge as it was too high. Need to find a way to be more precise calculating the neck angle. Apart from that, everything else looks good. Can't wait to play this bitch. Hope you like it!
  8. Maybe you could revisit the headstock as well... ^^ I see it too classic for a V. For the heel, I'd go for something more standard and simmetrical, carved heels and belly carves are not really needed in Vs IMO. It's a pitty, I really liked that body. It was perfectly done.
  9. Wow... they look fantastic! Love the telecaster and the mayoness ones... great job!
  10. I like the Texan character of your guitars, Maybe is just my imagination, but I can see some sort of bull head in the profile... it reminds me that "horny" model you made some time ago. I also like the "calculated randomness" of the whole thing, it always keeps the mistery.
  11. I should consider to get one of those acrylic template sets some day, it definitely makes the difference. Fantastic job on this one, it looks perfect.
  12. Thanks! I got the binding stripes from the same fretboard blank (mahogany apart). It's a little bit risky cause the size of the blanks from Madinter is always pretty tight. I've already sent an email. Thanks for suggestion. Thanks dude! Here are two more projects, hope you enjoy: http://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/47269-7-strings-ashwenge http://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/48222-back-2-black Cheers all!
  13. I'm currently having problems to reply this post!
  14. Sorry for historical inaccuracy, to be honest I have no idea who designed that guitar. Hope the message behind is still clear.
  15. Hi guys! This is going slower than expected, but closer to finish. I didn't take many pictures, mostly because they are small things, like fitting all the electronics, sanding, etc... I just need to finish the fret work, make the nut and place the bridge. This time I've used a press to install the frets, guess where I bought it. It works fine, but - and maybe I can write the first complain about G&W ever - the brass thing was too thick for the support. After some sanding I could insert it half way into the slot and everything was ok. Much better than hammering the frets. I think these are the last shots of the process, next pictures will be of the whole thing. Stay tuned!
  16. The width of the nut and the scale lenght are the only needed measures, basically. Everything else can be here or there, as long you're not making a replica. Maybe that's the reason why I'm not fan of making replicas. Actually, there's a big difference between making an exact copy of something and doing what you want. I don't think Les Paul took much care of measurements when he designed the first LP.
  17. Thanks very much for the shots! One image is always better than 1000 words.
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