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  1. this looks promising. is there a seperate page for the "Hanar" build. I love the design you made. Greetings, B
  2. Hey Guys, It's been a while since my last update but i finally managed to (almost) finish it now. Yesterday i did the patina of the bronze. Not sure if i want it so dark, but we will see if i do some more touching up on it or not. The screws who hold the plate to the body should become darker by doing some patinawork on it. And that's it for now. In the next update it should be all strung up and finished. Greetings, B
  3. Hi guys, So after a week of waiting until the mold was ready for the bronze casting... I present the raw bronze casting. This is the mold where you can see the bronze piece still entrapped in the plaster. Here you can see the raw cast still with the gating attached. gating chopped off. So the next step is to fit this onto the guitar body. It will be a tedious proces because i have to make the bronze pickguard completely flush. I hope you guys enjoyed my journey so far. B
  4. Thaha, i love drinking beers, but they don't always have to be belgian for me. I am actually a man of simple taste, and most of the time i go for a jupiler, stella or maes. Or the vedett IPA,....love it. good noticing of you, when i made the sculpt itself, i kept checking if the strings wouldn't touch the little monster. And actually it's possible i will have to take some thickness off the bronze casting when it's to high. So i will have to be patient to test with strings and make adjustements. And here's another update guys This is the waxmodel+wax gating. When i have to do client models i use less channels/ gatings, because we use a very light bronze. But when i cast personal stuff i always put way to much unnecessary channels/gatings on. i'm scared that it won't fill up the mold. And here is the wax model trapped into the investmentmold. Ready to go into the kiln for 1 week.(along with client stuff) Next week we will cast this batch.(fingers crossed)
  5. hey Guys, So here's the next update. Nothing special, just the mold ready to be taken off the guitar. Here you can see the mold taken off the guitar. The black stuff is warm wax. Tadaaa, this is the wax copy wich will be casted in bronze. The next step is to put wax gating onto it so we can pour bronze into it. I can't wait to see this in bronze.
  6. Hi Guys, Soooooo, besides my bronze guitar that i am building i also have another smaller project that i'm working on. I had this old stagg for some time and the pickguard used to be plastic, but then i decided to make a wooden pickguard. this was some 2 years ago i think. But now i decided to play with some plastiline and try to make some kind of little monster like a relief The final result wil (like always) be a bronz pickguard(very thin) This was the first layout, but i soon realised i had to go much lower in depth because the strings have to go over this piece. Here you can see i decided to start all over again. I took the big chunck of clay and started sculpting much lower then before. I added some skulls and the claw of the demon. Between this picture and the previous you can see i changed the horns because i wasn't happy with how they looked. At this point i decided i couldn't finish it more in plastiline. I will make a mold onto this and then make a wax copy where i can smooth and finish all the little details. (i want to add some veins on the claw and finish the nails and teeth properly) I don't know what happend but i wouldn't want to touch that white stuff....;) Just to be clear; this is the first silicone layer applied onto the surface
  7. Hi Komodo, both visual and ergonomical. the first thing i always have in mind is how it looks. so visually, i want every shape to feel at it's place. I like to question things, it's offcourse just a gut feeling, but i look at my work and ask myself if i can improve it just by tweaking every shape. Sometimes this means to kill your darlings, i don't want to settle for a good shape/design, i want the best design i can come up with. Ergonomically; things can only be achieved by playing on the guitar. And obviously you start noticing flaws in the computermade design. And just like you said, it feels so different than a usual guitar that it sometimes can feel weird to play on. But i'm trying to fix this. Rick Toone; my god, i love his designs, just beautiful shapes combined into a instrument.
  8. Hey Andy, I probably didn't wrote this but in the video it's still the old version that i'm playing. (sry) Hey Prostheta, I have played with the idea to use foam to make cheap shapes to test. But the problem was that i couldn't attach them properly to the bronze. So that's why i make them in 3d, which is more expensive but i can't think of anything cheaper/faster to try. If you have some ideas, please enlighten me..:) And here is the next post. In the previous one i showed you guys the 2 scale models for comparison. And now i can show you the progress from old shapes to new shapes scale 1:1. The picture above is the old version (the one i am playing in the video.) Here is the old version where i chopped it's wings in order to attach the new improved wings. The only piece that stayed is the bronze core, which to me is the heart of the guitar. It was very easy to take the pieces off because i only weld it on a couple of points. (because i didn't want to have everything solid before i was 100% happy with the look and feel.) And voila, some new pieces to attach. At this point, the lightblue pieces have to be cast in bronze so they can be welded onto the core. tadaaa, lightblue plastic is transformed into bronze. Magic And this is a comparison pic. Old vs new The best change to me is the flow of shapes/lines. I tried to improve some designlines to make the design stand more out. Especially on the back of the big wing you can see at first i just had a small bar in bronze, which is now changed to a kind of triangular shape. And here everything is spotwelded. i am in love with this view,i don't know why but it looks like some kind of critter, a crab crawling through the sand. It feels like some kind of sculpture which i intendid to do when i started this project, combine my 2 loves; sculpture+guitar, and combine this into one playable sculpture. And the last pic for now, again a comparison. Above is the new version. As i see them next to each other, the new version looks more balanced, proportions, designlines,... See you guys on the next update. B
  9. Hey Guys, I've been busy but i wanted to share somethings with you.... Don't mind the bad playing or bad musical taste...;) (cradle of filth-shat out of hell) So this is actually the first time my prototype comes to life. As previously mentioned, i'm not 100% sure about the proportions. Everything feels "squeezed" to me. Not enough negative space between the shapes. So i decided to go back to the drawing board and try to improve the design. My design wall. And after a long time working/designing i present a improved design I also did a small 3d print comparison test. Left is the old version, right is the new one. I hope you guys enjoy what i'm doing. Thnx, Boeba
  10. hi guys, ready for the next update? With the last update you could see the 2 braces 3d printed and ready to be cast in bronze. and here it is..... And in the next pics you can see the braces welded onto the bronze core I just love how this piece looks like some kind of modern sculpture. Reminds me somewhat of zaha hadid kind of shapes. On the other hand it looks a bit like a little creature/crab thing. And now the complete piece with the neck mounted..... At this point i need some solution for the controls. And seeing the complete guitar hanging on my wall, the first thing what comes in mind is that the bronze+wings looks to small compared to the neck, to small in length, and in width. In the next pic you can see the guitar in human hands..:) To me the big wing doesn't feel big enough compared to the person. So i think i will change my design in the computer and reprint some parts i think. This sounds like double work, but i had to see my first design in real life to make the right adjustments. Seeing a computerdesign on screen clearly isn't the same as irl. Thnx, B
  11. Hi guys, Ready for the next update??:) I ended up with this choice because it felt the most appealing to me. And after i made the design in 3d i had to make it ready for 3d print....... I don't know if you guys can see it but there are actually 4 parts. 2 small braces who connect with the bronze.....These are just 2 small pieces to be cast in bronze before i can mount the big wings onto the bronze core. The 2 pics above are just the 2 pieces with gating attached, ready to go in a investement mold and be casted in bronze. (don't mind the yellow pieces, it's from another customer) Greetings, Benoit
  12. Hi guys, Now the time has come to start designing the shapes around the bronze core. At this point these are just sketches, i want to find out what works, and what not. If i see something i like, i take a closer look at it and start playing with the possibilities . And this was my first batch of skecthes. In the next update you will see the shapes taking another turn. Greetings, Benoit
  13. Next update: Pickups Hi guys, so what is a electric guitar without pickups..... Just a picture with the pickups thrown onto the bronze...:) At this moment the pickups are just stock taken from my ibanez grg170dx. I needed to make some kind of brackets to mount the pups onto. And somekind of cavity for the controls.( at this point i didn't know what to do with them, but in the future updates you will see what i've come up with. And voila, a bad picture of the pickups mounted on the bronze shape. And here it is. A somewhat working electric guitar. Don't mind the shabby playing and face...;) At this point it wasn't easy for me to play this thing because i had no handsupport so my hand keeps " falling". The bronze piece itself has no support to place it onto my leg or anything so it keeps rolling over as you can see. But!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next update will be a journey, a journey into shapes and forms. The quest for the ultimate design for this bronze beast. Stay tuned. Benoit
  14. I would have to check it when i take the neck off again. But yess, it shrinks a couple % of a millimeter. But not enough for me to have measurement issues or other technical problems. i made exact holes in the 3d model where the neck should go, and when i casted the pieces all the holes alligned for 99,1%. Something like that...:). I remember i wrote it somewhere, but i can't find it back. When i take it apart again i will remember to weigh it. Greetings, Benoit
  15. hi guys, Next update: So after the bronze was casted into the mold. I finally could take the casted piece out of the plaster, to see what the result was. Feast your eyeeeezzzz... As you can see this is a rough cast, and i just took the gating of the piece. I am always amazed to see your own plastic computer designed and 3d printed stuff take shape into solid metal. After this i cleaned it up, sanded the piece to get the dirt and little stuff off. And then we have this..... The orange version was the first one printed, but had a wrong scale length, and to much excess shape/weight. And here she is. My bronze guitar. In this stadium, it's just the backbone of my future model i want to make. But first i wanted to try to make the basics, and put some strings on it, to see if it could be tuned. The next step was to design some ergonomic nice shapes to define my guitar. Stay tuned.... Owyeah, keep in mind that the neck you see is just a cheap neck i bought online. For the final guitar i will make something different. Benoit
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