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  1. I've used that same Gotoh 510, but man oh man the Ibanez tailpiece and harmonica bridge is the perfect choice here.
  2. The pollen suffering is our offering to the trees for allowing us to use their bodies to create our guitars.
  3. I'd like to do a tour of all of Europe and visit every single person in their hometown. Or just go to Belgium and drink beer. We have new found family in Eastern France near Geneva, and will most likely be making a trip there when Covid is taken care of.
  4. I’m not even a Tele guy (though the metal tele I built is probably my most played guitar) and I’d pick both of those. The black guard on the first lets the oak speak louder, and the maple neck ties it together. The second looks like something Steve Morse would rip your head off with.
  5. If you fix the neck first, then mount the outer tuners and use a couple strings with your bridge, you can adjust the exact position and scale length. You can still be accurate other ways, but two things you can really fine tune are: 1) space between outer strings and edge of fret board, and 2) scale length / adjustment range of your bridge. Sometimes those can be tricky because of string gauges, bridge style, multi-scale, etc. This is also a place where you can really check and fine tune the overall relationships of the neck height/angle, string height/action, bridge saddle adjustment. Ho
  6. Yes non piezo. The one thing I really don't like, is all the very bridge specific holes/routes. I'm not sure why it bugs me with this one vs a TOM setup or something, but it does.
  7. I grew up in Minnesota, and saunas were pretty common. Very large Scandinavian population there. Similar to your saunas on hot days, we would eat ice cream on cold days. Actually makes you feel warmer.
  8. Nice! I can't believe it's been that long since we've seen this.
  9. I thought “ha yeah”. And then “well, actually I don’t even sort of have space for that.” And then “I mean, the Workmate folds up, has been through hell and back and never complained” And then “you know what? I don’t think so.” If I had a bigger shop space, I’d ditch the Workmate for the Roubo faster than (insert your favorite faster than idiom here).
  10. Also - sick neck! How was the carbon to work with in neck shaping? I can’t even imagine.
  11. B and D will give you the best chance at really clean lines. As another option, consider nothing. As a brewer and graphic designer, I know how people like to name things, have logos, etc. Many times though it seems forced. I rarely name my beers anymore, the are just “Belgian number 8”. That said, I completely understand the pull. Drawing metal band logos and guitar company names was what led me into graphic design.
  12. Oh no no. Thats a picture I grabbed to show the jig. Most of my work is done on a trusty Workmate that has seen hell and back. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  13. Little curved rail jig would do the truss slot with a small router. Let me know if you need a 1971 quarter. I'm sure I could find one pretty easily.
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