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  1. I mentioned in my other build, that I've been playing these a lot and the neck profiles needed their final tweak. This one had a fat U profile, that was more refined than a baseball bat, but still too deep. It played very well, but depending on where your thumb was placed made transitions a little trickier than needed. Great for rhythm, not so great for delicate passages like White Queen off of Queen II. So, a sharp scraper and a bit of critical attention (not to mention a big gulp as I scraped the smooth oiled and polished ebony), I took the U down right down the center line. It fi
  2. Scott, I was stunned. She's really come around and is seeing reason like I've never know her to before.
  3. After playing the last two builds for awhile now, the neck profiles are revealing themselves. I'm not sure I've ever built a neck that wasn't tweaked later, sometimes a hair, sometimes quite a bit. For this one, I was very careful as I didn't want to mistake the extra width and mass as extra chunkiness. Spoke shaves and even finger planes are too much at this point, so a super sharp scraper is the trick. The profile was kind of a shallow, flat D, but after playing I realized it needed to be more of a C. Probably not unlike an Ibanez JEM, but translating that to the 8 string and making su
  4. So, I've got a lot of stress at work, really over the top. I've been in a pretty sour mood, and my wonderful wife listens but also tries not to prod the bear. Last night, she said "well, I guess it's time to build another guitar."
  5. GAHD my eyes (and ears)!!!!!!! It burns!!!!
  6. Well, that goes over my head. I do know that obsidian edges are one of if not the sharpest edge known to man. Surgeons still use flakes mounted in a clamp. I've read that they can cut cells in two, and reduce scarring.
  7. genius! Slivers reminds me of another hobby, flintknapping (aka making flint arrowheads and spear points). As you chip away at the flint, you are covered in fine shards and chips, and regularly get an uncontrollable urge to sweep them off your leg. Bad idea!! It shreds flesh, and on such a molecular level that it just doesn’t stop bleeding.
  8. Not to derail - but the only thing about a 12 string, and what I've found with my recent 8-string, is that when you are tuning you often have to pause and really reflect on just what string/knob you are trying to adjust.
  9. Awesome super clean work! The sound reminds me of an octave mandolin. Are the strings under more or less tension than a typical acoustic guitar? I reset the neck on a mandolin and when I strung it up I thought the thing was going to explode.
  10. Sweet. Love that you had great weather for spraying, Color is kickass!
  11. Yeah, that was on my mind when I decided on the three minis though there are redundant switch positions. I haven’t calculated how many I do have, there’s people like you that can do that for me. The ones available are certainly all one would need. Each pup by itself, two or three all in phase, and all the combos of out of phase. As BM did, I’ve already got a couple go tos, one os a thick humbucker like sound with plenty of gain and rich with harmonics. Another is the whispy single coil sound that is so different from a typical out of phase. This sounds more delicate, not icepicky, full of ha
  12. Was trying to get good pics but never got a good straight on shot. Color went all wonky. But the shape really changes depending on the angle. I've been playing it a lot and the sounds are so Queen that it's spooky. One setting and it's a pretty great fat single coil sound, and then a flip of the switch and you have this delicate whispy sound that isn't really thin cause it's so full of harmonics. If you play something like mellow Zeppelin, it's great. But if you play something like White Queen, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!
  13. I've been telling people that there are two kinds of people in this world: people who will build a guitar during the pandemic, or people who sit on their couches and watch Netflix. I'm proud to be in the former group with you all! The Black Queen Woods: - Macassar ebony neck and body core, and tremolo cover - Swamp ash wings, quilt maple top, - Gaboon ebony fret board with silver wire starfield inlay, and pearl 'planets' Scale length: 25" Special bits: Authentic Trisonic pickups hand-made by a gentleman who builds Red Special replicas and uses the spare parts bought from
  14. GAH! I love the star guitar. One of my first guitars was an explorer that I cut a huge chunk out of to make it into a star.
  15. Not to completely derail your thread - I shot photography for a long time and used everything from 4x5 to pinhole. Now I only use a simple Panasonic GX7 mirrorless with adapters for vintage manual lenses. After trying a billion lenses, the best are old Olympus Pen F half frame lenses, and Swiss lenses made for 16mm Bolex movie cameras. The Swiss lenses are sharper than a scalpel, and the color is better than any lens I've ever tried. The Oly Pen lenses have ridiculously cool bokeh second only to some Zeiss.
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