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  1. I slot, then radius, then glue. When gluing the radiused board, you can use radius sanding blocks as cauls, or long strips of wood. After the radius, I'll go back and slightly reslot them to match the radius with a fret saw. It needs to be done anyways, because sanding the radius packs the slots with dust. For more complex inlays, I'll do a half radius, then the inlay, then complete the radius.
  2. No kidding. I think you could sell advertising space on those.
  3. I understand what you are saying, but she would most definitely have a few words to say to you about that.
  4. Ha! Mine sold Cadillacs for 17 years. I always let her deal.
  5. Carl, your Nina sounds exactly like my Robin. I don't care what establishment I am in, in any dark corner of the earth.... when they ask me if I have a "customer loyalty card" or whatever program they have going - I just say "I know we have one, can you look it up by phone number" and every single time they say "oh yes! Here it is!" I wouldn't call her style "a negotiator" either. If I'm mad, she gets mad at me. She will laugh and say "you're wrong! it didn't happen that way!". To be fair, I am relentless when it comes to reminding her of things that happened 20 years ago, like the time
  6. Congratulations to you. It's been really great to see this from it's conception to completion. Love how you shared the working concepts so we could see it forming! More more!
  7. I have four plants, Santiam, Centennial, and Cascade, and none of them have ever put out much. It always looks promising but the yield is barely enough to do one beer. Pretty sure I managed to kill a couple of them with a Weedeater last year.
  8. That's crazy thin. I'm surprised you could even fit that jack in there. It seems like I hog out the largest cavities for strat jacks.
  9. Have never done woodworking before, but was summoned from the depths so I'll take a stab.... Consider that even if you had a deformed plank, you are slotting it and hammering metal bits in that can very easily warp it in the opposite direction, Then you are applying an adhesive on a large surface, essentially laminating it to the neck. You could probably use any material on the planet really.
  10. @Prostheta Will the casino be open? Don't forget to carve your initials in your woodwork so you can see it later when you are a regular passenger.
  11. I just did this to a corrugated #6 last year. It's really great, but I keep wishing it was a little smaller. Might try a 5 or 5-1/2 next year.
  12. Thanks Ash! (I realized I'm calling you Ash, cause I work directly with two Ashleys and call them both that. Advise if you have a preferred drinking name. LOL We'll make it to the pubs before all of this is over, I promise.)
  13. @Prostheta@mistermikev Just a little deeper... So most of my pups have been Duncan, and most (all?) of my bridge pups are 14k-17k. As mentioned you don't find a lot of consistent data on the actual Henries of output though. It'll be very interesting to see what these Giovannis do. I've also got that Black Winter, which is a 16-17k ceramic, and wondered how that one would respond with an A2 mag in it? I mean just for the hell of it. I like to blow stuff up. Not exactly related but you guys will be interested in this: as I was assessing The Dragon, which I haven't played for awhile,
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