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  1. This is also my youth. One of the greatest things about growing up in this time is you got to see the peak of the analog days and the complete transition into the digital world. I've still got one foot firmly planted onto each side - a power user of both. @Prostheta I'm similar in manipulating the system to my benefit, but rather than the machines, I gravitated to poker where you can use that skill against humans. Same concept though - watch them build up their chips and then through some secret maneuvers, get them to spill their chips out for you to take. I get great sadistic enjoyment o
  2. Not sure if this is what you mean, but I used this on the 8-string to figure out tensions of each string based on scale length and pitch: https://tension.stringjoy.com/
  3. As I sit here working on this Three Floyds IPA, I’m pretty sure I’m not using any molars to get it down.
  4. It looks so friendly, and yet it could turn around and melt your face. How does it feel now thats its strung up? Wish we knew what wood it is!
  5. Yeah the Galileo certainly puts that mid in there, but I;d say most of that was the pups. They also spit out harmonics all over the place. Never tried an EL34 version. I get really great cleans and pedals work great before or in the loop. Not sure what I did for tube rolling but I tried a ton of combos, and pretty sure I swapped the phase inverter too. The red channel can be a wall of insanity, but pulling the gain back some tightened it up. It also made the blue channel a little more ACDC like tight. One of the best things about it is the knob on the back, resonance I think? It's basica
  6. Yes sir it is. You are hearing a lot of the Trisonics there, they impart a vocal tone more than any other pickup I've ever used. Also, I may have been using a Catalinbread Galileo clone I built which also has a boost. I can get similar tones with clean channel and Galileo, or blue channel (med gain) and the boost. The red channel is full balls to the wall high gain, which I actually pulled back by using lower gain tubes.
  7. This is funny. We clearly need a "What's your signal chain?" thread. I'm on a Steinberg UR22 > puter, but mostly it's just guitar > one million pedals > EVH 5150 III >Thiele cab with Creamback. The 5150 was tube rolled to high heaven until I found the sweet spot and now it's beautiful. None of this does any good to relieve the pain of me selling my 72 Marshall Superlead back in the day, not having any idea what I had.
  8. And here I was feeling good about picking up a used iRig HD2 today. ahahahahahahahhaa So, I was just eating my lunch scrolling through Instagram and was fed a #guitarbuilding post that was your vid you just shared here. I was all 'wha?!' and checked out your feed. Super great stuff! You are the shredder I want to be but don't have the theory. I;m going to dig into some of your teachings and see if I can;t pick something up.
  9. Definitely check belts, and this sounds funny but I'd be checking the pulleys to make sure they aren't spinning freely on the motor shaft? Something is certainly wrong.
  10. Man, I know this is an art form and all, but I would've freaked out and used a Lancelot blade carver in a right angle grinder on this by now. Good job on your patience. Nice to see my favorite bench again!
  11. Killer! I know we are talking about the guitar, but maybe a brief thing of your signal path? This is the final straw - I'm vowing to come out of COVID being able to do rudimentary sweep picking. It eludes me so.
  12. Thank you sir! And to everyone else!
  13. Yeah I agree @Prostheta. For me it was EVH and Brian May for the guitar building. In my eyes, EVH was likely the single most influential player, arguable alongside Hendrix. Hendrix opened the door for what electric guitar could be, the way you can harness the amplified nature of it and controlling feedback as a musical tool. EVH though influenced a far larger group of players and really took electric guitar playing to a different level. I love both of them equally.
  14. While it was butchered, gluing frets is pretty common. Mostly for insurance along with the tangs. Doing a great job Ash! That 12th fret is BEGGING for something awesome.....
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