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recommend wire.


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Love the way Stew has their catalog listings B)

Items 1587 and 1588 Non-shielded Guitar Circuit Wire Tinned, stranded copper single-conductor Belden wire, PVC-insulated. 0.050" diameter.

That sounds like 18 guage wire........

Items 1586 and 1817 Shielded Guitar Circuit Wire are described as:

#1586 Stranded .100"-diameter; single conductor with braided tinned copper shield and PVC insulation. 25 feet.

#1817 Special .090"-diameter Belden wire with heat-resistant insulation. Stranded single conductor with braided tinned copper shield. 25 feet.

Which which sound like 18 and 16 guage respectively. Love the "PVC insulation" which is nothing more than the coating outside the wire to begin with and "with heat-resistant insulation" part, buddy if your guitar get's that hot inside you've got bigger problems :D

I would say (this is just my opinion) that if you have properly shieled the guitar body cavitys to begin with you really don't need the more expensive wire. A lot of todays guitars come from the factory with 20 and 22 guage wiring inside. The biggest thing is to make sure it is both copper and stranded. Sheilded if you skipped sheilding your cavity's and connected with a good to high quality solder.

If you would like to learn more about Belden Wire Technical Information, which is the brand they carry Click here.

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