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tilted headstock

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can u have a tilted headstock and still have a tremelo

Uhh, yea. It's better to have a tilted headstock and a graphite nut. If you had a flat headstock, it would usually require string trees, which (With a tremolo) would wear out your strings a lot faster. Most guitars with tremolos have tilted headstocks......Jackson, Carvin, Ibanez, ESP, Kramer etc.

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graphite nut.

that is an opinion,not a fact...i prefer the standard locking nut with floyd rose trems because they do not wear out like the graphite nuts....

for fixed bridges,i prefer a graphite nut

but look...the reason you tilt back the headstock is because of the way the locking nut is shaped...if you look at one closely you will see that it slopes back towards the headstock and that is the angle the headstock should be if you don't want to use string trees

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to put downward pressure on the strings after the nut, so they dont flatten every time you play a note within the first 3 or 4 frets. Its also nice for bassists to like to slap and pop thier strings, so non of the strings jump out of the nut, which is unlikley anyway.


Yes, and also as I understand it a scarfed headstock adds a bit of strength.

hell, it also just looks cool

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