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Stainless steel scratchplates

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Hey Has anyone made a stainless scratchplate??? Like out of the old industrial flooring you see plastered to everything these days? I saw the subject about mirrored scratchplates and it got me thinking that it would look really cool on a flying vee copy? So I might have a go... although I'm not sure abt the probs with it being metal? Could it be insulated by painting or covering the back???


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hey matia i think a stainless scratchplate would be cool.i work with stainless from time to time(as an ornamental ironworker)so here you go.the cheapest way to cut it(not the only way but the cheapest)is with something called a slitting disc on a small grinder.go slow and WEAR EYE PROTECTION AND LONG SLEEVES.when you sand the edges use a sanding disc(again on your small grinder)and do not take the sharp edges off of the face of it with this method,it will leave scratches.when you reach the desired shape then you can hand sand the sharp edges with emery cloth.again be careful not to scratch the face.the best way to get rid of these edges is to rub your sandpaper in one direction across the edge itself(if the scratchplate is flat on a table this would be down not across)drill the holes with a high speed bit,they make them for stainless,countersink the holes,and LIGHTLY polish with 0000 steel wool.this should give you a reflective finish.again i think that stainless would make an awesome looking scratchplate.you can also used polished aluminum which is not only lighter,it shields itself.same tecnique to cut and shape it.

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