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My first project


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No, because you don't have active pickups. Try this one:

2 Humbuckers, 3 Way Toggle, 2 Volume, 2 Tone

With those pickups, you shouldn't have any problems with it being too bright, just clear and strong, and you can always use the tone controls to roll off the top end. If you're looking for old-school PAF tones, you may want to swap them for a pair of '59ers or Seth Lovers.

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is there a difference in the sound tonal wise

Well, yes and no... :D(long, boring explanation coming up) Active pickups tend to be hotter because of the preamp, but they don't have to be, since the preamp can be tailored to any output level. They also have a lower output impedance, making them lose less high end through cable and circuit capacitance, and since the output level is independent of the coil size, the coils themselves can be wound with a lower output and a higher resonant frequency without compromising the pickup's output level, so many are quite a bit brighter and have greater clarity than similar passive pickups. By optimizing the coil characteristics and tweaking the preamp's frequency response, any desired sound can be achieved, at least theoretically.

Do they sound better? It depends on who you ask, and which pickups you're using for what application. EMG's are quite popular, and sound good to me, especially for heavily distorted tones, but for every guy who loves 'em, there's somebody who thinks they sound sterile, or brittle, or that they have no bottom end. I can only suggest that in the end, it's down to what you like, and what sounds good with the rest of your rig.

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i shouldn't post this one...i am still working on the sound...and the playing is pre warm up...but it is ALSO an emg 81...for those who think you can't get a good clean sound out of them...but keep in mind it is the bridge pickup so it is not as warm as some might think it should be...i kind of like it myself

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