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holy cow

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I'm probably going to be using bubinga in my next bass. I can get a piece for about $12/bf on ebay that's enough for what I'm doing with it, S2S. God knows if I could afford the planing fees and the wood cost I'd be buying some of that curly stuff. Only problem being, West Penn Hardwoods has a 10bf per species minimum order. Dang! Anyone want some curly bubinga?

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I don't know I live about an hour and a half from there so if I went there it would be for

buying masses and masses of wood (gas is so friggin expensive)

why don't you call them and they might check and make you only pay shipping

what do you have to lose

P.S. notice I didn't use any smilies


P.S.S. nevermind

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You need a resume to rake leaves???

What would you put on it


I acheived the highest level rake certification

Taken a rake and garden tools association safety course

Work experience

I took out the trash since I was ten

I cleared the table AND washed dishes after dinner

I raked leaves in Iraq with the army for 5 years

Previous to the army I was the head leaf raker in the appalachians

For seasonal jobs if you work enough hours you can claim unemployment....at least you can here :-)

Anyway....on topic....nice wood...I've seen better on here though

and no hard feelings I'm just having a little fun

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