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I'm building my first project guitar and chose the Les Paul design. I have an issue I'm hoping a Les Paul owner can help me with.

For the inlays, I want to do the trapezoid style...not the block style. I can't find any pre-cut trapezoid inlays anywhere and have decided I'll have to cut them myself.

Here's my issue...I don't have a "template" for them to make sure I cut the angles properly.

So, I was hoping if someone out there had this style inlay, that they may be willing to trace each marker for me so I can develop a template for cutting my inlay.

Any help is appreciated.



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Guest AlexVDL

Does this one help?


Maybe you can trace it with coreldraw or any cad program, and scale it.

I have a les paul classic, and as soon as I get the time for it I'll measure the inlays for ya.


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Guest AlexVDL
Thanks, Alex.

How have you been? I've emailed you a couple times and got no reply.


Hi Steve,

I remember getting an e-mail from you, but I had computer problems. I guess the e-mails got stuck in cyberspace or something :D

What was it you needed? The fingerboard template wasn't it?

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