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Hello all.

I am having a problem with setting up a new guitar. When I take me hands off the guitar, it is staticy from not being grounded, when I touch the strings, this goes away. Still, there is no sound coming from the pups. It doesnt even make noise when the strings touch the magnets. Any ideas on where I should start?

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Well, in new, I mean I just built it. I know it could be anything, but I was wonderingif the characteristics give any indication of whether I have a "master problem"

Here is a thought: The switch is a pit different that what I am used to. It only has three lugs and I dont see an obvious ground lug. It is a three way, and there are two on one side and a middle one on eht other, but no obvious ground any suggestions?

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Hi I have a somewhat similar problem

I bought a 2nd hand les paul like guitar (2 humbuckers, 2 tone, 2 volume and a three way switch). But there is only little sound coming from it like I have to turn the 20 watt amp all the way open to have just a little bit of noise coming from it.

There is a little buzz but nothing bad. We (a guy who is good with the soldering iron and electrical stuff, and I) followed the diagrams from stewmac.

But it doesnt work. So I tried putting the humbucker straight on the input/output jack. Like I put the + of the humbucker on the + of the inputjackplugthingie and the ground of the humbukcer on the ground of the..

But there is still no noise. So I tried another humbucker from another guitar and that one has the same problem so it would be weird if suddently 4 pick ups fail on the same thing.

Are there any beginner tutorials on how an electric guitar works and how to shield, ground and wire it? I would really like to learn more (thats why I just joined this forum and bought that guitar) but I don't really know what to search for.

Oh if somebody just knows the solution :D....

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