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Laquer onto bare wood

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i think if you want the 'bare' look the best thing to do would be to oil it. any lacquer or poly will either give you a thick satin or gloss finish.

i would think the nitro or poly would bring the grain out a little more and give it a deeper mirror finish, but the oil would look natural.

what do you want?

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A sealer should be used when using nitro......If you are using Mohawk or Behlin musical instrument lacquer, vinyl sealer is recommended. The sealer provides a base for better adhesion.....plus it helps level out the surface. I have used lacquer without sealer, but usually only when making color samples.

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i've sanded down my guitar. i like the look of it now, and i think i want a nitro finish to make it more glossy and bring out the grain

if i want it slightly darker do you not recommend rubbing in wax then, as it'll cause problems later. should i just rub in some alcohol dye?

also please can you identify the woods i have below from the picture i uploaded. the spec online for my guitar says its mahogany neck and alder body, but its not. it looks like african mahogany body and maple/ash neck. any guesses?


also how do you remove these scuff marks on the guitar? they're like raw bits of wood that are having trouble being sanded down nicely. when moistened, the colour darkens to normal

thanks :D

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