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Shellac curing time

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Yes, shellac is very similar to lacquer.

They are both film finishes, they both 'melt' into the previous coat, they both can be buffed out to a high, rich, deep gloss (if the shellac is dewaxed).

So basically, yeah, I'd wait a month to final buff a shellac finish just like I would a lacquer finish.

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shellac dries much quicker ... from what I've seen.

Much quicker.


it dries to the touch quicker...if you apply it in thin coats...BUT it does not fully harden quicker

if you guys want to ignore drak,go ahead...but shellac and spray can laquer are his specialties...your guitars will surely suffer for it

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Actually I rarely use 'spray cans' for lacquer, only flat black to blacken my sides occasionally, but I know what you meant. :D

I read all my resource books on shellac looking for a cure time and I couldn't find one listed anywhere, I just believe in playing it safe.

MIMF library would probably hold the answer.

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