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To everybody with a Jackson USA guitar!

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I bought a used jackson floyd in excellent condition. I would like to know if it is the cheaper version or the one installed on the USA guitars. It reads "takeuchi made in japan" on the base block. Is that one of the trems from a Korean import Jackson or from a real USA Jackson?

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Knapp!

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Hey Marcel, got your pm.

Tried to reply but your inbox was full :-)

Indeed they are correct.

The Usa Jackson's has Schallers on them and then in the late 90's somewhere

They went with all OFR.

The ironic part is that Floyd Rose is Schaller and Vice versa..

To my understanding, the OFR comes from Germany.. (I think its Germany) where that factory makes them both.

They are noth high quality trems.

As for the Jackson not being built in the Usa.. That is only re: the imports. All the Usa models are built in the Usa.

Hope its helped and great to hear from you again!

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Hi Scott!

Thanks alot for your fast answer. I just emptied my om box....did not realize that it was full....:D

Thats exactly what I wanted to know. Luckily the trem I got still seems to be of excellent quality, but as I know now jackson seems to only use these japanese trems on the made in japan/korea series.

The ironic part is that Floyd Rose is Schaller and Vice versa..

Not completely correct. As I live in Germany and know Schaller quite well I am in the picture here. Schaller is a hardware company. They build trems, jacks, tuners, etc. They build the Original Floyd Rose Tremolo for Floyd Rose. Additionally they build a Schaller Floyd Rose which reads "licensed under Floyd Rose Patents". That trem is the best trem money can buy imho. It's an OFR with slight improvements. Schaller builds these units to even better specs than the standard OFR specs. They have more mass and are completely free of any small defects like little runs in the metal, etc....

P.s.: The tuners and pickups you sold me are EXCELLENT and did work great so far. Thanks alot and I'll definately get back at you if I need more Ibanez parts. I can only recommend to buy from vwall if in need of Ibanez parts. Excellent service and prices and fast shipping times.

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