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I just put an Edge in my RG470...

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Well in doing dive bombs with my new Edge equipped '470, something would seem to displace itself then pop back into place. I've come to realize that what's happening is the back of the tone block is hitting the back of the spring cavity and actually forced the front TRS anchor down into the body by a few mm at least. My TRS anchors weren't glued in at all. But Im not going to take the plunge and glue in TRS anchors. That would be a complete waste. So I have to put in Edge anchors. I have the Edge locking studs, but no anchors for them.

My problem is I'm really scared about drilling into my guitar. How hard is it going to be (my friend has told me I can use his drillpress, but I have no idea how to use it, and he doesn't ever use it either so... :-\ ) to drill out those old stud holes and install the new anchors? Is the drilling itself going to be a very, very delicate operation? Or is just setting the depth and trying to center the drill in the existing hole going to get me in the ballpark enough to not have too many problems? Remember one Edge knife is completely straight, so you have a bit of leeway there.

Also are the Edge anchors deeper than TRS anchors? As that TRS anchor has gone down 3 mm at least into the hole, but if not I guess I can just fill it with glue.

This is my plan. I want to just take out the old studs (done already) and then drill out the new hole by just trying ot eyeball it as carefully as possible, set the depth to however deep Edge anchors are and slowly drill in there with the drillpress. And then dump a ton of glue in that hole and get those new anchors in there as fast as possible, and get rid of excess glue. Now how long should I wait before putting the Edge anchors in there and stringing her up?

Also I have the option of just buying OFR studs, which include the anchors from Stew-mac... This has an advantage of them accepting credit cards (Rich doesn't at this price range, and I havent heard back from vwall yet...) which is a lot easier for me.

So what do you guys think?

And I dont know anyone around here who I can take it to to get it done 'professionally' and I think (I'm no expert :D ) that as long as Im careful during the drilling I'll be fine...

ANY INFO WHATSOEVER would be appreciated. Tell me I'm a moron for getting a TRS equipped guitar if you want, just so I get some input! :DB)

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don't glue your inserts in.they are made to fit tightly enough so you can just press them in.you said you took out the old posts but what about the inserts?you know you have to pull them out right?to do it you just screw the posts back in and use them to pull the inserts out of the body.i use pliars when i don't need to re use the posts.any ways the flutes on your inserts are what holds them in.you just drill the hole to be smaller than the overall diameter of the insert(just a little)and press them in.and don't forget to clean your hole out when you drill it.you don't want sawdust keeping you from going in all the way.

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Oh, sorry. Yeah I put the stud back in there and just pulled it out, wasn't hard at all. Under normal circumstances, what could you do to fix that? The post sinking into the guitar? Or would just repositioning it work find as long as the trem doesnt catch on the cavity and jam it back in?

But either way, Im going to drill for new Edge anchors now... And the drilling seems scary... Oh well.

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