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An introduction, and link.

I build guitars. I repair all stringed instruments. Anytime I can be of service, let me know. Aside from holding a patent in the field of acoustic amplification, I also worked as the inhouse QA Engineer at Peavey's Leakesville, MS guitar factory for more than 3 years. Here's my website:

Ozark Instrument

I have designed a hybrid acoustic electric instrument using some uncommon techniques, non-traditional body lumber and unique pickup system.

Here's the link to some of the latest electroCoustic projects:

Latest instruments and projects

And, to some mp3's of my work:

electroCoustic and Dynafield mp3 downloads

I believe in sharing the knowledge, so don't be afraid to ask....

Wishing great success to the "Project Guitar"


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I've been measuring fretboards to get an idea what shape and radius I like.

I ran across this little gizmo at StewMac. It both measures fretboard radius, and helps to set the string hight at the bridge. Oh... a set of 8 of 'em too. Yummy.


I'm still new to this so forgive me if this is old news...

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