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Convert Strat Neck To Parker Neck


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Cutting a headstock is one thing. What you're talking about is looking to be quite another.

One option might be (and this is a big job, and a big might) to take your strat neck, steam off the fretboard, cut off the headstock, and minding the truss rod, scarf joint on a new headstock of stronger wood, even with metal/fiber support if you want, reglue the fretboard, and you have your headstock!

But that's a lot of work. It'd be easier to buy a Parker neck and redo the body/heel to fit it IMO.

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:-/ well i guess it isnt possible then eh? i dont want to go thru all that work. i just wanted something cool that'll make my guitar look different than most other strats. i came across a $50 guitar and im re-doing it. you can see my progress at the 'Project "pimp my guitar"' forum in progress and finished work. thanks guys

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