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possibly a stupid question


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your friend knows what he is talking about...alot of people use a roundover bit in a router to make sure the bevel is uniform,and it is much quicker...especially on a tele or strat where the roundover is quite large

i,however,use sandpaper...because i have yet to roundover the edges that much...i only add enough of a bevel to keep from cracking the finish and for comfort...

about like what you usually see on an rg

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word of advice... the bigger the roundover the go, the price astronomically increases.

i was looking for a 1-1/4" roundover to save myself some work on raidusing the neck. a good bit is about 130$. and anything over 5/8" is usually in 1/2" shank which means a large router.

dont know if that helps but keep it in mind

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