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wierd mounting rings


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I am restoring a '80's charvel, neck through, carve top. It came with jackson pickups (J-50B and J-80C). The mounting rings for these humbuckers are oversized! I am missing one ring and have no idea where to get one. The screw holes to the body measure 3.275x1.700. Standard mounting rings are 3.275x1.430. Any help for a resource would be VERY much appreciated!

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There's a guy who makes them. He's even a member of this forum, I think. Budman68, or something like that is his name. His website is called " frets on the net " or something like that.

I made the mistake of putting a Jackson J50 on my rear-rout '86 strat, then put the original pickup in, and know exactly what you mean about the extra space.

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You know you can take the plastic covers off those Jackson J-50's , etc. Well, at least I did that to mine. I still have that cover. When you take the cover off, you'll find both coils have the "slug" pole-pieces. I took all them out, drilled the bobbin holes just slightly bigger, super-glued plastic hollow rod pieces, then tapped those to accept your regular humbucker pole-piece screws in both coils. I was trying to copy Jake E Lee's one pickup, which is a Duncan '59 with screw poles in both coils.

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I just recieved my custom made oversized jackson mounting rings from frets on the net. They are much higher quality than the OEM. They were a perfect fit and installed beautifully. I went with the original black plastic. If you ever need a quality, custom mounting ring look no further. Highly recommened! And thank you Darren for the link.


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If I was to send you some wood, could you machine 2 pup rings out of it? Just a thought :D

Merritt, thanks so much for the kind words and thanks also to those who pointed him to me. It's great to be able to help you guys out with the parts!


funny you should ask, I'm actually going to be doing some flame maple wood rings in the very near future. What kind of wood and what kind of rings would you like ??

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like.



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