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Left handed nut, Gibson style.


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hey im also a lefty.. warmoth.com has nut files for $8.00 but i think there

odd sized

an x-acto saw works well to get a groove started

with a bit of fine (1500) grit sand paper and

a thin sheet of tin or aluminum inside to keep the sandpaper from wondering about in the groove you can slot yours for a few bucks..

like so:

sandpaper folded around tin > \|/

........................... slot in nut: -v-v-v etc

i looked pretty much everywhere for pre slotted lefty nuts i couldnt find any

so i bit the bullet and bought some blanks its not too hard really

just go slow ...really slow when ur sawing or sanding take your time and itll turn

out great

just my two cent good luck :D

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GraphTech makes a couple specifically for lefty Gibson style.

Just finding who has them. I presume, stewmac could get them if they don't inventory them.

PQ-6000-L0 TUSQ Nut-Slotted Jumbo, Lefty

PT-6000-L0 Trem-Nut Nut-Slotted Jumbo, Lefty

I just put one of their graphite types on a strat this weekend and intonation improved so much I was blown away.

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