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A Couple of Newbie Questions


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Hello all, as you can tell from the title i'm new to this forum and also to working on guitars and i just have a couple of questions. I am planning to "customise" my first guitar, a good old fender strat copy, very cheap, but i figured i'd like to try and make something decent out of it, but i have little idea what to do so i have some questions:

-is it possible to install humbuckers on it?

-is it possible to install a different bridge to the one it has (i.e. installing a locking trem etc. as opposed to a hardtail)?

-and this is less of a possibility but is it possible to install a baritone neck on the guitar?

Very basic questions im sure but i'm new B) so any comments are greatly appreciated. I'm putting some finishing questions in the appropriate forum just incase anyone wants to be extra helpful!

thanks in advance for any and all comments :D

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1. Yes though the body may need to be routed.

2. Yes though the body may need to be routed, but since you say it's a strat it's possible it won't need it.

3. Yes, warmoth.com has a baritone conversion neck.

Welcome to the forum and for future reference, use the search feature in the upper right as much as possible and :D your bunns off!

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