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Top Designs


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I have been playing with these top designs and put them out on a web site. Would very much appreciate any comments I can get. Rather wonder if the whole idea is worth persuing.


I sent a batch of pictures off the Tom Dumont of No Doubt, but haven't received a response as yet.

I think they're quite nice, but perhaps I've lost perspective; after all, they are MY designs.

Thanks in advanced for any comments.

Rick M

Las Vegas

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The only way I could see of doing those is a material finish, and then you could just have them printed, and glue it up!

What if, for a similar effect, you spun your guitar really fast, and then drizzled the paint on it, like those kiddy cardmaker machines? You'd get cool smeary patterns that might give a cool look like the examples you showed.

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How would you reproduce these designs on guitars?

It looks like the patterns/colors were pasted into a guitar image, using something like Photoshop. So you would have to either A) be an incredible paint technician (a true artist), or :D send the pasted pattern/colors to a company that can print out decals/covers, like they do on cars and trucks that have text and images for Nextel, Red Bull, etc. all over them.

The latter looks okay, but it tends to wear out too fast rubbing against it everyday.


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How to get the design onto the guitar top...that's my next question.

The design would have to be printed, silkscreened or something onto a material that can be made to adhere to the top, then a clear finish over it.

That's my next research subject.

I may go over to Ed Roman's here in Las Vegas and talk to them.


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Doing a search for Envirotex, I came across this project using it to create a marble finish, IF you're interested in that, It's Right Here.

Envirotex Project

I think the first one would be the easiest to attempt and using the envirotex would work great on JUST the top since it wants to run down the sides, you'd have to tape off the top so none would seep thru. After reading this post, I think I might try it to see waht happens. If I do, I'll post some pics in the In Progress area.

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