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hello everyone

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hey there!

well, this guitar has changed it's image few times by now. it was born in 2001 as one of the infamous jem 555s. it was bought 2 years ago in Germany from another jemsite member, Patrick Deno (aka Lord Jereth :D ). It was the best deal i could find at that time with money that i had (and it wasn't much). Patrick wasn't very picky, and did me a favour by selling it to me. the guitar didn't stick long with it's factory look. i founded a great deal, a brand new black edge trem. i also traded the neck for what i believe is older rg570 neck. after that i changed the pickguard, and did a binding on a body by using razor and sandpaper (you can see that stage at projectguitar gallery).

then one day i got bored with black finish always getting dusty and having fingerprints, so i decided to sand it down and practice with painting. "poor boy's burst" tutorial seemed pretty easy to do, so it ended being my first project with paint. when i get bored with this one, i'll sand it down again, and do a material top B)

btw, i also sanded the back of the neck down, and gave it just a super-thin coat of lacquer just to keep the wood clean. (yes, i gave it a good sanding later with fine steel wool).





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Oooh that is nice. Is that basswood?

yes it is...

btw, thanks to all for your comments. it feels good knowing that people like your work. and thanks to brian for his site and tutorials, it gave me so much motivation, that i can't wait to do another project. shame it has to be on the same guitar. :D

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