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Best Way To Cut

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theoretically could it be run along a table saw on all sides then saw through the middle by hand? Then to make to sawed side flat, run through a planner?

This would obviously be an enormous amount of work but I think it could be done.

And if worst comes to worst then I suppose half could be planed off to make just one pice 1 inch thck.

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Yeah I am acounting for the wood removed by the saw. Each piece can be a little under and inch or one piece can be an inch and one piece less.

As for what I'm doing with it, It will be the front of a guitar. The back will be mahogany.

Purpleheart/mahogany body

Maple neck

Purpleheart fretboard

Multi scale length

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You might try hardwood suppliers or cabinet shops in your area. My local hardwood supplier has a machine especially for resawing that can handle a piece that big. They charged me a $10 setup fee and then ran the wood through. After resawing, the pieces did need to be run through a planer for final dimension which was another small charge. Of course, I bought the wood from them so they were willing to do the milling.

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