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Newbie Here, Got Some Questions...

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Hey all. New guy here. 'Bout ready to take the plunge & 'roll my own'. Wanting to either build a Flying V or a Mockingbird. Probably the Mockingbird, 'cos I've always wanted one.

So here's the questions'

Neckthru vs. set neck? Pros, cons of both?

Anyone have a source for Mockingbird plans/templates? Anybody got a 'Bird they'd be willing to trace, measure, etc. for reasonable compensation?

Woods? I was recommended to start out w/poplar or alder, but I'm a die hard mahogany or korina guy. Tonal properties of poplar or alder vs. mahogany? Was thinking of mahogany body & neck w/ebony board. Whatchoo guys think?

Thanks a bunch.

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B):D:D You're die hard mahogany/Limba kinda guy and are considering a poplar guitar......LOL!!!

I always think those poplar wood blanks will blow away in light wind. I understand that people make nice guitars out of them and that tone capabilities are reasonable......but the wood it sooooooooooooo light....it can't be right.

And wes is right so little search on tone wood. Lot's of info in addition to BS, out here about that.

And doesn't have dear ol' Ed have some pics of Mockingbirds on his website. (edroman.com for the newbee) ;-)


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