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Dpdt Mini Switch

Scott Rosenberger

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That's the right switch. Actually you can do it with a single pole switch. Just wire the center two lugs to the output, and one side to the magnetics, and the other side to the piezo. In the center position, DPDT switches make an offset "on" connection. To you, it won't matter which side is which. Just jump each pair together. So it'll look something like this:

x---x = magnetic hot

x---x = output

x---x = piezo hot

If you're trying to use the "both" position without any preamp there will be some mismatching. The magnetics would probably be louder than the piezo, and overshadow it. If you have a preamp on the piezo, but not on the magnetics, then the reverse will be true. Hopefully you already have a dual buffer preamp that's made to blend the two.

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There's no place for ground. The only reason a Gibson switch has a ground is to ground the chassis, and it's unnecessary with a mini toggle. If you must, you can ground the casing but getting it too hot can melt the plastic.

The "x's" I made represent lugs and the lines represent a bridge from one lug to the next. You can not just use one side because the switch is designed to have opposing "ons" when in the middle position. Jump the two lugs together and you have an efficient, double point-of-contact switch.

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I have a single pole 3 position rotary switch, but I'm not sure how to wire it. The lugs look like this kind of:


There are 6 lugs in a row on the bottom, and then two on top. It makes sense to me except the two lugs on top. I want it to be like an LP--neck in one position, both in the middle, and bridge in the opposite position. Any ideas?

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