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On Board Amp And Speaker


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On the polished-turd-ocaster which I was going to wall of death in a Drak style, I've had a bit of an idea.

Here's the crack:

I've hollowed the body out and what I've been thinking about is putting a little onboard amp in it. But what I want to do is also mount a speaker (in the body behind the trem) so I can just play it anywhere.

Can someone give me a hand? First off, I need the schematic of a fairly small amp. I'm not that worried about how simple or complicated it is, I just want a fairly decent one. I also want a Jack socket as well as the ability to put it through the speaker.

Can someone recommend a speaker that will fit inside of the guitar and still sound half decent? PC speaker?

And finally.......I've got a pretty funky suprise for the finish lined up. Tone junkies will say that it'll kill the tone, but it's sooo funky it'll be hard not to :D

Cheers guys


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It might be a little expensive, but you may be able to get one of those flat panel speakers that they're using for pc speakers and flat screen televisions to work in that application. The big problem would probably be giving it a suitable power source but it could work out pretty damn cool. Just an idea though, I'm not skilled enough with electronics yet to build something like that from scratch so it may well just be wishful thinking.

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Or just buy an old Pignose amp and transmute the whole thing into the guitar.

Pignoses were optional battery powered, and you have the speaker already there, already designed to work with that amp.

I remember one Halloween night in Georgetown (they block an entire city block off, huge turnout with lots of weirdos) one year there was a guy dressed just like Angus Young with a red SG and a Pignose hanging from his belt belting out AC/DC songs all night walking up and down the block, it was pretty cool actually.


What the hell am I saying???



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Nice one. I figure that this won't only give me something to do with the body, but will be good practice for a travel guitar that I've been thinking about (one day I'll actually finish a few projects instead of starting them B) ).

Hopefully within the next three years, my girlfriend and I will actually have the money to get married and then it's off to South America for a 6 month honeymoon, just traveling around and chilling out. Well, it's either that or if we can't stump up enough money (about £20,000 we think for the pair of us) which is looking quite likely, I'm going to be retrofitting a transit van with a foldaway bedroom.

So hopefully there might be enough room in the rucksack (or definately enough room in the van) for a fold away guitar with an onboard amp and speaker. I've been thinking about how to make a telescopic neck or one in multiple pieces, mmm, must be possible but gonna take a bit of designing :D

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