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Possible Neck Pocket Problem On My Project Guitar

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I think I may have a problem with my neck pocket. I'm afraid I didn't leave enough wood on the treble side of the neck and therefore, the neck well protrude from the body more than I like.

So, I've decided to finish my neck and see where it lines up. If it doesn't work, I'm going to cut a section out of the center of the body and replace it with a new "center" made of a Walnut, Quilted Maple, Walnut sandwich that will allow me to "re-do" the neck pocket area of the body.

Any opinions?



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Dave, thats sucks. I know how you feel. I have made mistakes where everything seems good and then you go to like everything up and you say "oh, I forgot about that". I routed my pickup cavities early on and found that my fingerboard overhang actually overhangs the rout:D . Oh well, live and learn. Your soultion though sounds spot on. Kind of like wings on a neckthrough. Good luck. Keep us posted.

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