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Solid State Mods


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i wasnt quite sure where to post this, so i figured the electronics section would do

i have a marshall solid state g100hcd or whatever the hell its called, and id kinda like to mod it, but without some of the priceyness of sending it to someone.

id like to add some compression, a new reverb, and a little more ballsey gain to it

ive got me an electrition for a drummer, so i think that me and him could fiddle through it and get it going, i just need to know how to do it

if you know any sites that give some tutorials thatd be cool too

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Oh boy. You'll want to understand how to read schematics, and have a schematic. However you don't need to have that, but you should know how and why the circuit works. Being able to solder and desolder circuit boards is a must. I know how to do all the stuff you're talking about, but not having the amp in front of me or having a schematic of it, I can't help you. In all honesty, don't ask me to help you either, I'd say the labor might outweigh the cost of an amp with those feature or getting stompboxes.

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OK instead of modding you amp why not think about doing a couple DIY stomp boxes. That way there is no risk of wrecking a decent amp and then these effects can be used for other amps as well. Look at www.generalguitargadgets.com and it has reverb, compression and many types of boosts and distortions plus many other effects with the bonus of being able to buy a ready to solder circuit board.

Good luck

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gain is simple.. add another stage. since its either transistor or mosfet one. [schematicheaven.com is down or i just can't access it from this terminal either way i can't find the scheme unless i email marshall again] add an lpb1 booster to the front of it theres more gain right there you want mad insane slam your face in the dirt gain.. find the first opamp mosfet trasnsitor stage and after it put in a lm386 or a lm380n-8 both 8 pin chips. both just under a watt in output power it will kick the dog crap out of the next stage. as far as the wiring of these simply follow the guidelines in the datasheets and you will get amazing results.

heres a link for you for the 386


heres a link for you for the 380


if you can get the schematic for it or isolate what capacitors are being used in the tone stack try manipulating those. preferably i usually double the pot values since in a solid state on we usually have the typical marshall 10k values with the old 4n7 1k5 divider breaking it up there. i have seen quite a few marshall amps have this same tone stack as the marshall guvnor pedal. heres a link for you.

http://www.mif.pg.gda.pl/homepages/tom/files/guvnor.gif where i speak of starts at c13 and r9

you could bypass all that or use push pull pots in that section and double or half the values heres a great link.. http://www.muzique.com/schem/filter.htm this gives you the rc filter roll off which the eq's that dont' have coils in them {most marshalls don't} so you odnt' have to do the long division.

http://duncanamps.com/ great site home of the calculator for amp tone stacks..

http://www.duncanamps.com/tsc/index.html theres the link for good measures B)

now as far as a better reverb .. thats extremely vague.. how bought terms like

longer:: need more springs and or longer ones. longer reverb times is porportioned to the link of springs as welll as using more of them each spring is usually a slightly different length so that there is an over all multilple short reverbs applied to the signal much like real reverb

shorter:: see above and apply reverse

fatter:: find and isolate the reverb drivers output capacitor and or input capacitor and increase slightly until you get the sound you desire. try putting a small boost stage to give you a little more bottom on the reverb.

brighter see above no boost just decrease the capacitors

darker add a low pass filter to the reverb return. or add a roll off across the pot.

as far as compression goes nothing much to mod in there build a flat line and just put it in the amp if you need to have it inside the amp.

http://www.hollis.co.uk/john/circuits.html thank john hollis for Gods gift to compressors. page is slow sometimes.

or better yet. if you have some cash and are state side send it to me i will gut it and put in tubes for ya you can keep the solidstate nonsense poweramp if you wish. i am doing that currently for a valvestate in my shop that the owner blew up .. hmmm amazing someone blowing up an amp lol.... :D hope that helps

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