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Chrome/ Blue Chrome Mylar/milar?


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It's this time a year again. X-mas coming up and all kinds of nice gift wrap paper is showing up in the stores.

Today I got myself a roll of nice mylar (milar) type material that looks chrome on one side and blue-chrome on other.

I first thought it was paper, but with opening the roll a bit I saw it was this nice mylar type material. Yessss!

Now I need some clear acrylic.....and vine inlay here I come!!!

(CD boxes will do greatly I read somewhere!!.. and as these Internet provider are still giving out all these free CD's (with junk on there).....I'm happy to use those acrylic covers of them.......)

Santa Claus is coming to town.......lalalala.......... B):D:D

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430mm is actually 16.9", so actually about 17".

Lmii is only selling 16" radius fretboards.............

Most people wanting to build Ibanez style guitars just use those.......I don't really think you can tell the difference, or that is screws up your top lock nut and tremolo setup.

It's not exact......but almost.

The alternative is to get your router out....and make your own 17" sanding blocks......and get sanding on an un-radiused board.

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